Over the past year, we've seen a lot of "firsts" in the women's revolution. First Hell in a Cell match. First iron(wo)man match. First match to headline a WWE pay-per-view. At Money in the Bank, WWE will add another first to the list.

To few people's surprise, SmackDown will be featuring a women's Money in the Bank ladder match at the pay-per-view. The five-way No. 1 contender match that was announced Tuesday night ended up being a vehicle to get this point. The match broke down immediately, even before the bell rang, with everyone brawling on the outside, and into the announcer table area. After several minutes, all the women were sprawled on the outside, and Shane McMahon came out with a big announcement. All five women -- Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Tamina, Carmella and Natalya -- would be in the first-ever women's Money in the Bank ladder match.


With the ladder match being one of the few stipulations that WWE hadn't had yet for women, this seemed natural. Many expected this to come in months prior, possibly even at WrestleMania. Cage matches had been done, street fights had been done, but never a ladder match. Over the past few weeks, it had become clear that they were trying to make every woman on the roster seem like they were on the same level. Now you have a match that's not only historic, but fairly unpredictable.

With all the names in it, I actually feel like Carmella would be the best person to win the briefcase. I've long said that the briefcase should only be won by heels, so that rules out Charlotte or Becky (though if WWE wanted to turn one of them heel, that's a good way). Carmella could create a new version of Dolph Ziggler's group from 2012. If you remember, Ziggler held the briefcase as an incredibly over heel with AJ Lee by his side and eventually Big E as his muscle. Carmella could hold the briefcase with James Ellsworth by her side as a valet, and Tamina as her muscle. It would create an interesting package that altogether could really elevate Carmella without necessarily rushing her to the title. However, it's a scenario where just about anyone could win.

As the women's revolution continues, we'll continue checking boxes off the big list. This is just another check mark, and should lead to an exciting match in a few weeks.

The Rest of SmackDown Live:

>> The big return of the night came in the tag division. The Usos had come out to brag about beating everyone in their way on the SmackDown roster, when The New Day made their return. The New Day cut a pretty classic New Day promo before announcing that were given a title match at Money in the Bank. Disregarding the question on whether The New Day should have had to wrestle a match on SmackDown before being given a title shot, this was all logical. Despite the Usos being extremely compelling since their heel turn, it felt like they were simply holding the titles for somebody. Once The New Day came over from Raw, that somebody became clear. While it wouldn't shock me if the Usos did retain for one match in a dastardly way, make no mistake, The New Day are taking the titles sometime this summer.

>> WWE also put some time into setting up the other ladder match for Money in the Bank. Dolph Ziggler picked up a much-needed pin, pinning AJ Styles in the main event. Just like in the women's match, WWE is trying to create a scenario where everyone in the match could credibly win. Thus, a Dolph Ziggler win was needed. At the beginning of the night, Kevin Owens doing a Highlight Reel segment brought out Shinsuke Nakamura and, later, Baron Corbin. After Nakamura started cutting a promo on both of them, the heels teamed out to attack Nakamura, which brought out Sami Zayn, just a week after being stretchered out. He was showing no ill effects from last week's beatdown and cleared the ring, which caused a tag match. At the end of the match, Owens and Corbin started to get into it, which resulted in Owens being distracted, and being planted by Nakamura for the pin. All logical booking, minus Sami Zayn being back this week and fine health-wise.

>> Breezango are continuing their Fashion Files gimmick, and they beat The Colons this week. It will be interesting to see exactly what happens to them as the title feud transitions to The New Day. Can SmackDown find a place for them on the show? They're incredibly over, so losing them would be a mistake.

>> Randy Orton came out to cut a promo about the old days of wrestling, and how he'll take back the title from Jinder Mahal. He also said that his grandfather would have slapped him for losing the title to Jinder. Whether that means because of Jinder's nationality or his win-loss record wasn't explained. Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers popped up on the screen to run down Orton, and America, and say that his reign will continue.

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