I often think that lie detector tests fall in the same category as law enforcement in WWE -- they should be seen as sporadic as possible.

At least in the case of the former, they are used infrequently. How long has it been since we have seen a lie detector test in WWE in recent memory? To me, that's a good thing. Imagine how boring (albeit civil) feuds in WWE would be if this was part of every one.


In the main event of Raw, CM Punk accepted being part of one on Miz TV. It wasn't necessarily the lie detector test itself -- it was the verbal jabs back and forth between these two that made for some quality TV. On top of Paul Heyman receiving a new nickname (Walrus), Punk took jabs at Miz's clothing and time in "wrestling school" while Miz held his own, even throwing in a "your mom" joke that the fans didn't seem to mind.

The Shield, which received a lot of airtime on Raw, came in to attack, which prompted Team Hell No (who were attacked by the trio earlier in the show) to respond, as well as Ryback, who then attacked CM Punk with a ladder, a chair, and a table -- very fitting given the pay-per-view coming up in two weeks.

Today, CM Punk has been champion for 380 days. Tomorrow, he will be the sole proprietor of the longest WWE title reign in the modern era. It has been 25 years (1988) since we have seen a title reign this long. Quite the impressive accomplishment. That's the equivalent of 5.25 Kim Kardashian / Kris Humphries marriages. Yet, with the announcement of John Cena facing Dolph Ziggler in a ladder match at TLC for the Money in the Bank briefcase, I now firmly see this title reign coming to a close at the Royal Rumble. The scenario I see forming is that Cena wins the briefcase, waits until the Rumble where Rock beats Punk but Cena cashes in on Rock, getting his revenge for WrestleMania. The point is, Punk loses the championship, but the three could face off in a triple threat at WrestleMania, which gives Punk the only milestone he has left to achieve -- being in the main event at WrestleMania.


** Team Hell No faced PTP, which ended up being an attack on Kane & Daniel Bryan by The Shield. Interesting stat given by Michael Cole in this one: Kane has participated in the most matches ever in WWE, 899. I wonder if that includes live events or just televised.

** AJ Lee defeated Tamina. The daughter of Jimmy Snuka had an interesting mystique for about two weeks, and now with this loss I'm afraid it's all but gone.

** Paul Heyman has a terrific way of shilling a product without shilling a product -- using a "personal story / hate on it slightly" approach to promote the new WWE Encyclopedia (which I personally can't say enough good things about. Check it out because it's an amazing book of knowledge). I really hope Heyman gives promo classes backstage as much as possible. I would pay to sit through those classes.

** Damien Sandow asked two simple then one difficult questions to a would-be apprentice. This was very much a strong character development segment for Sandow, who continues to impress. He then pinned Santino Marela. Sandow has the right mix of humor and intensity.

** Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara in a terrific match, one of Sin Cara's best since joining WWE. Del Rio worked hard, made Cara look great and the former Mystico didn't fly all over the ring for the sake of it. He seemed to give his offense a purpose.

** Vince McMahon returned to Raw and urged Vickie to form matches for TLC pay-per-view, including the aforementioned Cena vs. Ziggler ladder match for the MITB briefcase. Finally... FINALLY, Dolph has teased the idea that he may separate from Vickie Guerrero.

** Brad Maddox somehow made his way backstage (that was unexplained) and found Vickie Guerrero, convincing her to give him another contract chance ... against Randy Orton, who made quick work of him. Something tells me this isn't the last we have seen of Mr. Maddox. Perhaps he is the undiscovered member of The Shield.

** Vickie and Heyman engaged in an epic staredown backstage. I wonder if either could beat Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet (I hope someone got the reference). GOULET!

** Antonio Cesaro beat Kofi Kingston, R Truth and Wade Barrett in a fatal fourway. The shocking part was that this was originally a tag-team match, and Teddy Long CANCELED the tag match and made it a fatal fourway! Teddy Long UNDOING a tag team match? The Mayans were right.

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