Bombers issue statement confirming they will not play final two games

The Baltimore Bombers' promising inaugural season has come to a premature end.

The team, one of four in the North American Lacrosse League, issued a statement Friday confirming reports that it will not play its final two scheduled games because of financial problems.


The Bombers had been scheduled to face the Kentucky Stickhorses on Sunday afternoon at Du Burns Arena before visiting the Boston Rockhoppers next Saturday night. The Bombers had a 4-3 record and trailed Boston by two games in the standings.

In response to a question sent to the Bombers Twitter account on Friday evening about whether the squad would fold, a team official responded: "Undetermined at this time."


Bombers owner and coach Hunter Francis issued the following statement on the team's Facebook page Friday:

"The Baltimore Bombers remain a great opportunity but the economics didn't work. Should an opportunity arise in the future I hope the team will get another chance under new management and many of us hope this will happen.

"The North American Lacrosse League still has the chance to become the premier showcase of American talent along with MLL [Major League Lacrosse] and I will continue to do anything I can to support this effort. [Stickhorses CEO] Tony Chase remains the freshest breath of air the lacrosse world has seen since [MLL co-founder] Jake Steinfeld and I expect he will stay the course in the months and years to come.

"I appreciate all the support you all have given the NALL and its members and ask you stick with us through the growing pains associated in starting a new league. Though most players and fans don't realize it the United States needs box lacrosse - it's the only environment great players can elevate their skill sets.

"Today the future of box lacrosse in the US seems unclear. Yet I remain optimistic the roots we have planted will flourish and in good time we will be crowding into rinks to watch the college stars of yesterday become the undisputed stars of tomorrow. So please continue to lend us your support."