Artist explains how the Ravens were redesigned for Star Wars universe

It took me a little longer to get back to this than I expected (if it makes you feel better, imagine my hyperdrive motivator was damaged), but after so many of you spent time this week reading about the Star Wars-themed redesign of NFL team helmets, I had to share my recent e-mail exchange with John Raya, the project's mastermind.

Raya, an artist in Mexico, said he had the idea for his project after studying fans of the Oakland Raiders.


"I saw fans of the Raiders, those who attend every game, and saw that among them there is a character dressed as Darth Vader," Raya wrote this week. "[He] has always been present as a member of the 'Raider Nation,' there was the perfect combination ... The rest was really easy."

Raya said he mostly tried to match colors and logos with something from the Star Wars universe. It was often nothing more than the shape of a character or creature that decided how they'd become the face of the new football franchise in a galaxy far, far way.


In turning the Baltimore Ravens into the Mygeeto Siths, however, Raya found a deeper connection.

"The original team colors ... resemble the characteristics of the Sith," Raya said. "[They] almost have the same color ... with a dominant personality, just like [Ed] Reed or [Ray] Lewis."

So, there you have it. No word on how the former Ravens safety and linebacker feel about being compared to the insidious Emperor Palpatine. After so many websites picked up Raya's project, though, the artist feels great.

"I had never imagined the significance that [this has] achieved," he said. "And I am very grateful for that."