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Are you pulling for the Chicago Cubs and their ex-Orioles?

Where do Orioles fans stand on rooting for the familiar-looking Cubs?

I had an interesting interaction with a reader on Twitter this week.

I made the assumption that Orioles fans are pulling for the Chicago Cubs because that team has several ex-Orioles on their roster.

There’s right-handed starter Jake Arrieta, also known to a disgruntled fan base as the ace that got away. Arrieta showed flashes of brilliance here, but never could do it consistently.

There’s right-handed reliever Pedro Strop, who went with Arrieta to Chicago in a 2013 deal for Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger. Strop heard boos from some Orioles fans -- many who didn’t like the way he wore his cap askew -- but he was, and is, a pretty good reliever.

There’s right-handed starter Jason Hammel, who spent two solid seasons with the Orioles in 2012-13 (15-14, 4.27 ERA) before signing with the Cubs as a free agent.  

And there’s right-handed reliever Tommy Hunter, who the Orioles dealt to Chicago on July 31. He has not been on the playoff roster after posting a 5.74 ERA with the Cubs during the regular season.

(Catcher Taylor Teagarden is also on the 40-man roster, but was not activated for the playoffs.)

In my interaction with the Twitter follower, he quickly rebuked my thought that most O’s fans want to see the Cubs win the World Series. In fact, he said, most of the Orioles fans he talked to don’t back these Cubs. It would be too painful to see Arrieta et al win it all, I suppose.

Now I come at this from a different perspective. I had an opportunity to get to know all five of the players above and had a fine relationship with them. I particularly enjoyed covering Arrieta and Hunter -- two of my favorite players to chat with about non-baseball things -- and Hammel and Strop were really good guys as well. (Admittedly, I didn’t know Teagarden as well.)

So, naturally, I’d like to see good guys rewarded, no matter where they are playing. And I guess I assumed O’s fans felt the same. Now I’m curious. Are you pulling for the Cubs to win the World Series, or would it make you even more frustrated about the current Orioles if the Cubs were to win it all in 2015 (as Back to the Future 2 predicted)?

Daily Think Special: Are Orioles fans pulling for or rooting against the Chicago Cubs?

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