Another fashion faux pas coming for Maryland sports?

New Terps basketball uniforms?
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than the team's play on the field last season. After unveiling uniforms with half the state flag on one shoulder, half on the other and the same on the team’s helmets, nothing seemed to go right for the Terps, who finished an ACC-worst 2-10.


Now, the basketball program seems to be following in the same design direction, and hopefully for Maryland faithful, it yields a better end result.

of what could be renderings of a hoops version of the Maryland Pride jersey, similar to the ones the football team debuted in a 32-24 win over Miami last September.


The Maryland athletic department later released a statement saying that the leaked photo is not a final rendering, and the basketball uniforms for the 2012-13 season could be entirely different.

The Pride design has become a central part of the identity of Maryland Athletics and it presents a tremendous opportunity to be incorporated into our basketball program. However, the designs being circulated today on the internet are only draft renderings. Maryland Athletics and Under Armour will make sure our fans know when we launch Pride for Maryland Basketball.

If the Terps do go the Maryland Pride route for basketball, I credit Under Armour for continuing to think outside the box. But it seems that the more ‘advanced’ uniforms get today, the more out of control they become.

Two different patterns on the shoulders are distracting. Two different colored socks are distracting. The black and yellow argyle shooting sleeves that will almost inevitably follow – we saw it on the football field – are distracting.

What happened to a primary uniform color and a secondary color? What happened to simplicity?

The basketball uniforms look more subtle and conservative than their football counterparts, likely because of the absence of a helmet, which really illuminates the atrocity that is a half-and-half pattern. The shorts are also reasonable, with the flag pattern going up about two-thirds of the side.

But perhaps this is the evolution in college and professional sports. Maybe in a decade, we won’t see the traditional crimson and white of Alabama or the orange and white at Texas. Everything will be sleek and cutting edge, even if it looks worse. It seems to compete in the empire that is college sports, you have to always present something new, fresh and somewhat edgy. A program wants to stand out to recruits.

Increasingly every year, we see colors on uniforms start to mesh and blend and seemingly turn into one giant gradient with different shades of different colors lining them. Before you know it, uniforms are each going to have four different primary colors and we won’t even know who is on what team.

Maryland’s new hoops jerseys aren’t over the top like the football uniforms, but there’s just no reason to have two different patterns on the shoulders and two different socks. There’s just too much going on.

How long will it be before these new Maryland Pride jerseys aren’t cutting edge anymore? How long until  everyone else catches up with something equally ridiculous and attention grabbing? How long will it be before we see the Terps wear giant Maryland flags as uniforms in order to take the next step and stay ahead of other universities in that cutting edge branding and marketing game? I can’t imagine it will be as long as I hope.



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