WWE pretty much saved the best for last, in terms of pay-per-view offerings.

Even with WWE champion CM Punk off the card because of injury, WWE TLC was a terrific pay-per-view event with several great things to write home about.


First and foremost, many fans were pleasantly surprised with the final image of the broadcast -- a victorious Dolph Ziggler holding his Money in the Bank briefcase, having defeated John Cena.

Yes, you read that correctly. John Cena didn't win. Dolph Ziggler did, and the match was great. AJ Lee was a focal point in the match, turning on Cena, who was inches away from victory, before the diminutive Diva pushed the ladder from under him. The Brooklyn crowd, who was vocal through most of the night and was very much pro-Ziggler crowd, ate it up. This leaves the question of "why?" on the table, and intrigue going into Monday's Raw.

For those who yearn for a Dolph Ziggler main event run, you can't argue with the facts. Ziggler beat the franchise of WWE at TLC. Cena has wrestled in 105 WWE PPV events, 56 of them in the main event. He is the face of today's WWE, and Ziggler, seemingly the champion of the underground wrestling fan, defeated him. If the briefcase he holds was a placeholder for an eventual main event run, TLC was the coming-out party.

In what is being called a Match of the Year candidate, The Shield defeated Team Hell No and Ryback. The match was fast paced and hard hitting, with all six men working very hard and with surprisingly good chemistry. The finish was necessary. The new team won, not losing their momentum, while Ryback wasn't the one pinned, which doesn't derail the main event superstar. Random side note: Dean Ambrose may have the best looking punches in WWE right now. Every one he throws looks like they hurt, and bad.

Big Show retained the World Heavyweight title against Sheamus, using the biggest folding chair ever seen against the Celtic Warrior. Big Show seems to have a "larger person" WWE furniture collection going. First, the massive reinforced ladder at a previous Money in the Bank PPV event, now this chair. Next we will see a double-sized table (note: a "double wide, double deep casket" has already been done, in 1994 when Undertaker faced Yokozuna at the Royal Rumble). The match wasn't bad, but it's time for both to move on to different rivalries. Big Show was quick to exit the ring, as if to not let fans speculate that Dolph Ziggler would cash in before his match, which was a much-speculated "armchair booking" scenario.

A six-man tag that spawned from an earlier episode of MIZ TV saw 3MB face the team of Miz, a good guy Alberto Del Rio and a surprise, the Brooklyn Brawler. Yes, fans who were born in 1983 or earlier were geeking out seeing their once favorite enhancement talent grace the ring wearing a Nets jersey, and shockingly winning the match using the "Brooklyn" crab! Del Rio as a good guy was an interesting theme here. It will be interesting to see how a rich, snobby aristocrat becomes loved by the WWE Universe.

Naomi surprisingly won the Divas battle royal, but lost to Eve on the PPV. Eve retained her Divas championship. It felt like Naomi was an afterthought in this match.

Both secondary championship matches provided excellent action from quality talents. Antonio Cesaro retained against R Truth (who suffered a nasty looking gash on his knee), while Kofi Kingston bested Wade Barrett. In both cases, I'd like to see 2013 begin with new faces for these four ... and not just playing musical chairs.

Team Rhodes Scholars defeated Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara in the opener, which means the smart duo get another crack at Team Hell No in the near future. It looked as if Sin Cara hurt himself in the clever sequence that saw him go through the table. Mysterio undid his boot before he and the referee helped him hobble to the back.

In the non-televised opening match, JTG (who got the first hometown pop) defeated David Otunga.

After the show, John Cena addressed the Brooklyn crowd, saying that WWE plans to split their time between this new venue in Brooklyn and Madison Square Garden.

Overall, a very strong pay-per-view to end 2012, and likely the world, since the Mayans may very well be correct.

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