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Adrian Amos' NFL draft diary: Chapter Six

Adrian Amos (Calvert Hall) says it doesn't matter where he goes in the draft: "If you can play, it will show."

Editor's note: As Penn State free safety Adrian Amos gets ready for the NFL draft, the former Calvert Hall standout will be sharing details about his preparations with Baltimore Sun reporter Aaron Wilson. The 6-foot, 218-pound All-Big Ten Conference honorable-mention selection has been projected anywhere from the third round to the fifth round by draft analysts. Here's his sixth entry in the series:

I see it all. I'm on the Internet a lot. I see a lot of things. You can't pay too much attention to it.

You could be the best player in the world to one person and scroll down one more, and you’re the worst player in the world. It’s like entertainment.

The teams tell you different things. One team will think really highly of you, second round, or another team may say, "If you fall to here, we’ll get you." It’s all a business, and the business of it all is they have a job to do. It’s a lot of give-and-take.

Once you get to the NFL, it doesn’t matter what round you go in. If you can play, it will show. If you can’t play, it will show. First round, seventh round or don’t get drafted, as long as you get an opportunity to do what you can do, it will all play itself out.

I would read stuff about myself even in high school at Calvert Hall, and I wasn’t a big name or anything like that. Playing a team like Gilman with a lot of top recruits, I wasn’t highly recruited out of high school. I had to work, and [personal coach] Cory Robinson had to work to get my name out there. I would kill the circuit senior year, do good at all my camps, work hard. My school really wasn't known for high recruits. Going into camps, you see a lot of people rated higher than you that you know you played against them before, and you know that you can play with anybody.

It’s the same process all over again. I got my shot to prove myself, and when the time comes, God willing, I get another shot to prove myself and show what I can do. Regardless of whether I was a five-star or a two-star recruit, we got to Penn State, and everybody had the same amount of stars. I was a two-star until signing day, and then they made me a three-star.

I watched free agency this week. For that second contract, you have to prove yourself on the football field. It just shows you it's a business. You see the best players get traded, like Haloti Ngata, and DeMarco Murray, the leading rusher [in the NFL], going to the Eagles.

It’s all a business. You understand that. I've watched football all my life. I pretty much know how it goes. I just keep my faith and keep playing and perform and do what’s asked of me. God willing, one day, I'll be one of those guys who's doing a first contract and then a second contract one day.

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