WWE has sent out a survey to members of their Fan Council (essentially a small sample of WWE fans) that included potential 2014 DVD release topics.

The list, which is not an official DVD listing for upcoming releases and only includes selection possibilities in the survey, is courtesy of WWE DVD News.


Macho Man Randy Savage – Documentary plus matches

Chris Jericho – Best Matches

Shawn Michaels – Best Matches

John Cena – Documentary plus matches

Rhodes Family (Dusty, Dustin/Goldust, Cody) – Documentary plus matches

RVD - Best Matches

Class of 96 (Rock & Stone Cold) – Documentary plus matches

Batista – Best Matches

Stone Cold Steve Austin – Stone Cold Steve Austin picks his favorite WWE matches

Daniel Bryan – Best Matches

Best of WCW Pay-Per-Views – Best Matches

Rey Mysterio – Best Matches

Which DVD releases would you be interested in? Comment below.

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