Trey Mancini was paired with the lovable droid known as BB-8 for the Orioles' "Star Wars Night".
Trey Mancini was paired with the lovable droid known as BB-8 for the Orioles' "Star Wars Night". (Tommy Gilligan / AP)

On “Star Wars Night” at Camden Yards, the Orioles were giving away a themed beanie and a special-ticket bobblehead doll that paired Trey Mancini with the lovable droid known as BB-8, so Mancini found himself with some explaining to do.

Of course, everybody wanted to know about his love of the venerable sci-fi franchise, which has spawned annual baseball promotions throughout the major leagues. That’s when things got a little awkward.


Mancini was thrilled to be featured in another bobblehead giveaway, but his knowledge of all things Star Wars is somewhat limited.

“I’m a big Harry Potter fan,’’ he said. “I read the books when I was a kid. Honestly, it might be the last book I read start to finish was a Harry Potter book.”

Wait a minute. Mancini went to the University of Notre Dame and – since he didn’t play football – he had to actually go to class and learn stuff, so he must have read something a bit more advanced than that.

“In college I did some reading,’’ he said. “Obviously, as a political science major I had a lot of reading assignments, but I can’t say I enjoyed them as much as the Harry Potter books.”

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Still, Mancini said he was flattered to be selected for the promotion and insisted he was not totally Star Wars illiterate, though he tried to call over big Star Wars fan Rio Ruiz to help him handle interview requests.

“I actually saw the first one of these movies – of the new ones, so I guess it would be like Part 7 of the series,’’ Mancini said. “I thought it was really good. I didn’t see the one after it, though, and I wouldn’t consider myself a huge Star Wars fan. I know every team has a Star Wars Night on May 4 and I’m always honored. If they want to make a bobblehead of you, I think it’s pretty cool.”

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