Henry Poggi on scoring a touchdown vs. Maryland: 'It meant the world'

When former Gilman star Henry Poggi scored Michigan’s first touchdown on Saturday afternoon at Maryland Stadium, the moment was full of meaning.

First of all, it got his team on the scoreboard and on its way to a 35-10 victory over Maryland, but there were a couple of personal angles that made it extra special.


It was the fifth-year senior’s first touchdown at the college level, and he got it within a short drive of where he grew up.

“It meant the world,” he said.

No doubt, it also meant the world to his father Biff, the former Gilman coach who left a job on Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan coaching staff after just one season to spend more time with his family and become the co-head coach at St. Frances.

“It was awesome,’’ Henry Poggi said. “He [my dad] was here. I was so happy to get that in front of friends and family. It’s tremendous.”

The planets lined up perfectly, but it probably was not a coincidence. Harbaugh said he put the play in for Poggi during practice this past week.

“Really cool,’’ Harbaugh said. “I love Biff Poggi. I love Henry Poggi. He has been phenomenal for us. It was great that he got a touchdown.

“He was excited about it from the moment we put it in the game plan. And the surge was outstanding on that play. The guys really surged off the ball and they were excited for him as well.”

Henry Poggi said on the Michigan postgame show that the line surge was so strong “a toddler could have scored” on the play.

“Yeah, it was just the O-line got such a push up there I just kind of flopped into the end zone,’’ he said. “It was great. Happy to get that.”