Peter Schmuck

Schmuck: Bringing back Terrell Suggs to the Ravens probably sounds like a good idea, but it isn’t

The Ravens are widely considered the best team in football right now. They own the NFL’s best record and are one win away from locking up the top AFC playoff seed.

Terrell Suggs just got released by a team that has won four games this season and sits a distant fourth in the NFC West.


So, why do so many people think it would be a great idea to bring him back to join the Ravens for their playoff run?

It’s a little early for nostalgia. Suggs hasn’t been away that long and he did leave the team voluntarily for a “homecoming” in Arizona.


He can still play a little — which is why the playoff-bound Kansas City Chiefs claimed him Monday — but he’s certainly not the player who took over the leadership of the defense when Ray Lewis retired after the Ravens’ second Super Bowl run.

It was a nice thought to bring him back to be a part of what could be another very deep dive into the postseason, but the last thing the Ravens need right now is to turn the final two games of the season into a chemistry experiment.

This is a classic if-it-ain’t-broke moment. Suggs would have brought 5½ sacks to the party, but bringing him back would be a distraction that might detract from the “laser focus” that coach John Harbaugh has been preaching during the team’s 10-game winning streak.

If we were talking about a healthy C.J. Mosley or some other impact guy, it would be a lot easier to justify messing with all this success, but Suggs isn’t that kind of player any more.

There was a lot made of Lewis’ “last ride,” but this wouldn’t have been that. It was simply a guy realizing he walked away from the Ravens at just the wrong time and wanted to come back and bathe in their glory.

Can’t blame him for that, and don’t get me wrong. Suggs is a legend who deserves to be revered and warrants the undying love of the Ravens fan base.

He will always be a huge part of the success the team has enjoyed throughout this century. It’s just not the time to tell everyone that there’s an old sheriff in town.

This year’s 12-2 team has new leadership and a very different personality than the one Suggs left behind, even though he was here while the Ravens turned the team over to budding superstar Lamar Jackson.


Harbaugh and his coaching staff have shown they can adapt to just about any circumstance, so they probably could’ve found a way to make anything work, but they really didn’t need this during the week leading up to a game against the Cleveland Browns that could set them up perfectly for the postseason.

The Ravens should bring Suggs back, but only to induct him into the team’s Ring of Honor and to celebrate his inevitable induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.,