These are my salad days

Can’t wait for the email from The Sun’s finance department asking me why I went to the grocery store every day for three weeks.

No big mystery there. I’ve turned over a new leaf – literally – and open each day here at spring training by picking up a bag of fresh lettuce for my lunch. Never have been one for rabbit food, but I’m studying for my upcoming physical and need to drop a few pounds before I get back to Baltimore in early March.

So far, so good.

I’m not the only one who is trying to get healthier this spring. Orioles broadcaster Fred Manfra has been on Medifast plan for the past few months and already has lost about 25 pounds. Like me, he’s got a ways to go, and I’m just hoping that the new, skinny Manfra doesn’t turn out to be a falsetto.

My program is self-directed, because I’m not famous enough to have a corporate diet sponsor, but I’m doing pretty well with a low-carb approach that features a lot of grilled seafood and whole grain stuff.

Whenever I go on one of my crash programs, I’m reminded of the late Johnny Oates, who would ask me how many pounds I had lost and – after I answered proudly – would quickly deliver a reality check.

“Don’t worry,’’ he’d always say, “I’m pretty sure you’ll find them.”

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