Bullpen: B

Though the starting rotation has stabilized over the past couple weeks, the bullpen remains the anchor that has kept the team from drifting down the standings. There were a couple hiccups last week, including Tommy Hunter's big blowup that led to a change in the way Buck Showalter manages the team in the late innings. Let's not forget that in situations where Hunter has pitched with the Orioles in position to win, the club is 15-1, but he clearly was struggling to keep batters off base and Showalter had to do something to shore up the closer situation. Zach Britton, pictured, converted his first save attempt and will get more, but it really isn't clear how things will shake out. Overall, it was another decent week, though you'd never know it by the numbers. The bullpen was 0-1 with a 4.86 ERA, but four earned runs came in Hunter's blown save and three more were given up by Troy Patton on one swing Sunday. Orioles relievers held opponents scoreless in 14 of 17 appearances. Grade: B
Ed Zurga, Getty Images
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