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Keep yourself alive

      That headline is not just the title of one of my favorite “Queen” songs, it’s also good advice in a storm like this, so stay indoors and resist the temptation to go out and survey the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Our first responders are going to be busy enough with all the reporters and broadcasters standing too close to various waterfronts.

      Take it from someone who does stupid things for a living (i.e. pro wrestling, discussing politics with Kevin Cowherd), it really is dangerous out there, especially in the well-wooded suburbs.

      I know this because I went out a little while ago to pull down a dead branch that was threatening to fall on somebody’s head, and – of course – it did. Fortunately, I was not injured because I have a huge unbreakable head, but you might not be so lucky.

      If the power is still on, there are some great TV options tonight. The San Francisco 49ers are going to take on the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football a little later on, or you could watch at least six “Two and a Half Men” reruns between 7 and midnight. The NBA kicks off its regular season on Tuesday night, but we can all just hope the storm is over by then.

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