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Peter Schmuck's 2013 Orioles report card

In a perfect Baltimore baseball world, we wouldn't be looking in the rear-view mirror yet, but 85 wins -- while certainly respectable -- were not enough to push the Orioles' second straight winning season into October. So, while you're watching the postseason and secretly rooting for whichever team plays the Boston Red Sox, here is our 2013 Orioles report card. Keep in mind that the grades are based on the performance of each player in the context of his role with the team, not necessarily in comparison to his teammates or similar players around the league. So, a player with limited at-bats or innings may get a higher grade than a full-time player, even though there is no question about their relative value. Each position player appeared in at least nine games with the Orioles, while each pitcher made at least five appearances with the team. Within each position group, the players are arranged in order of number of games played, with the most at the beginning and the fewest at the end.
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