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The Schmuck Stops Here Peter Schmuck's musings on the local and national sports scene
Schmuck: U.S. women's World Cup team sparks debate about sportsmanship that's a few decades too late

There was a bit of irony in the controversy that erupted over the excessive celebration by the United States women’s soccer team during its 13-0 World Cup victory over Thailand on Tuesday.

In the middle of it were former Canadian national team players Kaylyn Kyle and Clare Rustad, who registered their self-righteous disgust with the Americans on the Canadian sports network TSN.

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Schmuck: One year after death of Jordan McNair, Maryland football program must focus on more than winning

In the year that has passed since the senseless death of Maryland football player Jordan McNair, the university and its athletic department have engaged in a long process of institutional self-examination and effected some real change.

Of course, nothing is going to bring back the young man who collapsed and died of exertional heatstroke or take away the pain his family continues to endure.

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Schmuck: Although the Orioles might be trying your patience, they aren't trying to win by losing

The Orioles entered this weekend locked in a race to the bottom with the Kansas City Royals — a race that rewards the worst team with the first pick in next year’s draft.

The Orioles, of course, had that this year and now own the rights to the best college baseball player in the country and — by most accounts — did pretty well with the first pick in the following few rounds.

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Schmuck stops: On exporting NFL preseason games, Le'Veon Bell's female problem and why the Orioles aren't tanking

News Item: The NFL will stage the Week 3 preseason game between the Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on Aug. 22. It will be the first NFL game of any kind to be played in Canada since 2013. Tickets go on sale Saturday and will be priced from $75 to $340 Canadian or about $55 to $250 U.S.

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Schmuck: Will this draft be the one to take the Orioles to the promised land?

Before we fall too deep into the throes of Adley Rutschmania, let’s keep in mind there are 29 other major league teams telling their fans about all the promising young players they selected during the three days of this year’s Major League Baseball draft.

That’s not meant to throw a wet tarp over the Orioles and the pending arrival of the best college baseball player in the country.

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Schmuck: It was a no-brainer and the Orioles didn't overthink it, picking Adley Rutschman with first pick of draft

Everyone probably knows by now what the Orioles did with the top overall pick in the Major League Baseball draft, but just as important was what they didn’t do.

They didn’t outsmart themselves. They picked the guy that everybody would have picked.

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