Mike Preston

If you didn’t agree with Mike Preston’s grades from Sunday’s Ravens-Chiefs game, maybe you’ll like this 9-year-old’s thoughts

The Ravens report card, which appears in The Baltimore Sun after every game, usually draws a lot of comments. But on Monday, I received special commentary.

Below is a report card on the Ravens loss to the Kansas City Chiefs submitted by 9-year-old Gregory Small Jr. He also posted a comment or two next to some positions.


The kid has a future.

Quarterbacks: Lamar Jackson and Hollywood Brown were slow to connect. Grade: C


Running backs: Mark Ingram had a very good game. Grade: B+

Receivers: They did not perform well after two good weeks. Grade: C-

Offensive line: They opened holes for the running backs but didn’t play well when protecting Lamar in the pocket. Grade: C+

Defensive line: Pass rush wasn’t there. Grade: D

Linebackers: [Matthew] Judon initially pressured [Patrick] Mahomes but the line couldn’t keep it going. Grade: D

Secondary: They missed their chances at turnovers. Grade: D

Special teams: They didn’t get much of a chance to kick. Grade: D

Coaching: The game changed on failed fourth and two. Why are they trying for two-point conversions? Grade: D-