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Technology: Interacting with people and information

Remember the printing press? The radio? Television? Technology has progressed incredibly since the year 1440 and continues to do so with the integration of the Internet and mobile technology. Now, in the year 2015, researchers at the University of Maryland (UMD) are exploring the world of interactive...

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  • A passion for research

    A passion for research

    When thinking about research, the common adage “publish or perish” comes to mind. But for most professors at Baltimore-area colleges and universities, research means more than that.  For many, it’s a passion. For some, it means introducing their students to research. For all, it means asking questions. ...

  • Making an impact

    Making an impact

    Even 35 years later, alumni still remember their favorite professors. They were the ones who inspired, established new knowledge through research, cut through the academic bureaucracy, offered a sympathetic ear or just believed in a young, clueless student. And those same professors learn from...

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