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Up Close With ... Angie Barnett: President & CEO, Better Business Bureau Serving Greater Maryland

As the Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland celebrates its 100th Anniversary, Up Close sat down with Angie Barnett, president and CEO, to discuss how the organization is setting standards for businesses and promoting self-regulation and truth in advertising in the Maryland market place.

Q. How is the BBB of Greater Maryland viewing its 100th Anniversary?

A. We are celebrating our 100th anniversary by reflecting upon our journey. We’ve learned that what was true 100 years ago remains true today: Customers need businesses they trust. We want to focus on customer service and ensure we have a local presence with businesses and consumers. We also want to ensure we are taking care of the BBB brand and keeping it relevant. This year we hope to debut a BBB app, an improved website and improved business profiles. We want to be accessible, relevant and at-a-glance.

Q. What tools does the BBB offer businesses?

A. We offer the business community some basic tools but it begins with
accreditation. Accreditation is an opportunity for a business to voluntarily open themselves up to our vetting process and be transparent.

Q. How does the BBB accreditation promote trust in the marketplace?

A. By sharing this information, it allows the BBB, a third party, to say,
this organization says “I am who I am,” “I do what I do” and most importantly, “my customer engagement and my customer experience is one that a customer can trust.”

Q. Who are some of the legacy businesses on BBB’s accreditation roster?

A. Our brand stands side-by-side with businesses such as McCormick and BGE. McCormick finds value in being a supporter and a contributor to marketplace trust. This trust is important to their employees and the vendors they partner with in Maryland. BGE is focused on serving customers. They work with BBB to ensure their customer service is the best it can be, and there’s a third party that will help if they’re not satisfied with their own work.

Q. How does the BBB workplace culture translate to the companies you work with?

A. Our culture statement says, “We love where we work. We love the
people we work with.” Everybody who works at the BBB works there because of the mission. If our employees are happier and more engaged in productive work, we’re going to deliver a better product
to our customers.

To learn more about the Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland or to apply for business accreditation please visit

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