'Real Housewives' Danielle Staub: Chris Stilianessis says she used his baby's illness for revenge

Chris Stilianessis has learned a lot about Danielle Staub from watching "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" this season.

Viewers will remember Stilianessis as the father who invited Danielle to a benefit for his baby daughter, who was fighting a rare cancer. As the previews for Monday's (May 31) episode show, Danielle creates havoc at the event held at cast mates Caroline and Dina Manzo's family business, The Brownstone.

"For starters, I would tell Danielle thank you for bringing my daughter's illness to the table and to the 'Housewives of New Jersey,'" Stilianessis tells Zap2it. "However, I would also tell her that I'm very surprised that you would utilize my daughter's sickness for your own selfish reasons, to get back at the rest of the housewives."

Stilianessis, who didn't start watching the show until this season since he knew his daughter's benefit would be in it, was shocked to see Danielle had beef with the other housewives.

"I had no knowledge of Danielle's relationship [to the Manzos] prior to the fact," he says. "Because if I did, I would have asked her politely not to come."

As we saw in the last episode, Danielle started recruiting muscle soon after she found out the benefit was being held at The Brownstone. Stilianessis tells us that was just the tip of the iceberg.

"She showed up to the event with I want to say in the realm of 25 people," he says. "She had some guys who were Hells Angels. She came with people who, I come to know now, were people who were in jail. I was under the assumption they were her friends."

real-housewives-of-new-jersey-bravo-danielle-staub-baby-cancer-benefit.jpgA friend of Danielle's bought her one table at the benefit for $350.00, which held only 10 people. When she arrived with more than double that number, that's when things got ugly.

"As we were trying to accommodate her, it just became more of a melee," Stilianessis explains. "I remember one of the guys [with Danielle] literally, and this came to me from one of my brothers, he slipped a fork up his sleeve. He said, 'If anything gets out of hand here, I'm gonna gouge them.'"

He goes on to say about Danielle's supposed back up, "When you're going to a charity event for a child, what do you need that for?"

In the end, it wasn't The Brownstone that asked Danielle to leave, according to Stilianessis, but the nonprofit that was throwing the benefit for his daughter. Danielle, though, tried to pin it on the Manzos.

"I didn't see anyone [from The Brownstone] go up to her to make her feel unwelcome," Stilianessis says. "As a matter of fact, they were actually going to put another table out to make sure they can try and accommodate her. But, she was leaving before they got the table out and she said, 'Look, they don't want me here. They can't put aside our personal problems for a baby that was sick.' She brought more drama to the table that did not have to be there."

According to Stilianessis, Danielle only raised $300.00. That donation came from the owners of a local supermarket, people the Stilianessis family had already known for more than two decades. Depaul High School, where Danielle's daughter attends, raised approximately $650.00 in a coin drive. Since her table was paid for by someone else, Danielle has yet to donate any money herself.

real-housewives-of-new-jersey-bravo-chris-emanuela-cancer-benefit.jpgSo, why speak out now? Stilianessis says he doesn't want his daughter to look back and wonder why he didn't say something about Danielle's behavior at the benefit.

"For exposing my daughter's illness and bringing awareness, I'm very appreciative," he says. "I'm thankful that Danielle did do that. But if she had an underlying issue for doing it, that needs to be brought to the table. It isn't right."

Stilianessis hopes that Danielle will see that what she did was wrong.

"If she really has changed as she says she has," he says. "There will be a public statement. That day in the restaurant, she had tears in her eyes. If those were true tears, her heart would open with an apology."

Thankfully, Stilianessis' daughter Emanuela's cancer is currently in remission. If you'd like to get more information on her fight against the rare disease, heptablastoma, you can visit the Emanuela's Heart for Hope website. Stilionessis is also working on establishing an organization to raise money and awareness for other children battling the same cancer.