Baltimore Sun’s BEST party in 2 weeks

#35 The Bar Room at The Modern (New York, New York)

There’s a full Bar Room at The Modern, but the one that made our list is the no-name 20-seat bar within The Bar Room at The Modern, the à la carte part of The Modern tasting menu restaurant that is closest to the hotel’s sculpture garden. The bar is a triple threat, notable for its selection of spirits, its fine food menu, and the relaxed, hospitable style. The incredible selection of spirits at the New York bar includes old single malts and French brandies dating to the 1950s — all prominently featured in the tiered display behind the 36-foot-long marble bar. Every night, guests approach the New York bar from the dining area and spend a few moments just appreciating the selection. You won't find pretentious mixologists who smirk when you're in the mood for a cosmopolitan or vodka and soda. What you will find are skilled bartenders who execute a fantastic Sazerac, can recommend an artisanal gin to try in a martini, and help guests navigate through the wine-by-the-glass offerings. The Bar Room kitchen serves seasonal and contemporary American cuisine like carrot rillettes, black truffle cavatelli, shrimp fritters, and tarte flambée.


Courtesy of The Modern
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