American Idol Top 36: Megan Corkrey

American Idol" Season 8 contestant Megan Corkrey of Sandy, Utah came to the Salt Lake City auditions on her birthday and impressed the judges with her performance of "Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine"--a rather ironic choice for a recent divorcee, but it worked. The judges found Megan Corkrey "interesting", Paula took it from like to love, ending her conclusion with "I think I'm loving you". Simon said "absolutely yes" and that was that, four yeses for Hollywood.

The 23-year-old font designer is a young mom who looks like fellow single young mother Reese Witherspoon and sounds like a 1930s jazz singer. With a full sleeve of tattoos, her style has some critics wondering if she's "Idol" material.

She has a MySpace fan site where you can check in for news in between "Idol".

--Leslie Anne Wiggins

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