American Idol Top 36: Felicia Barton

Virginia Beach, Va. 27-year-old Felicia Barton has already gotten a lucky break on "American Idol" Season 8. She replaced Top 36 choice Joanna Pacitti when it was determined that Pacitti was ineligible. Felicia Barton auditioned in Louisville, Ky. with Corinne Bailey Rae's "Put Your Records On", also the audition song choice of Arianna Afsar. Paula was into it and even Simon smiled. Felicia went to Hollywood, but little did she know what a stir in "Idol" news she'd make!

She says she's secure, loves to sing, and isn't "chasing some pipedream". She'd like to make an impact on people, singing songs with the hope that music will change lives, the same way it did her own.

The married bar singer, church worship group leader, and mom to baby son Malakai has performed at Virginia Beach's Beach Street USA. The fortunate brunette has a MySpace page.

--Leslie Anne Wiggins

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