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By Daniel Vasquez


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Miko Grimes learned tough lesson about obeying police

Miko Grimes learned the hard way cops are not playing. Ever.

The radio sports talk show host and wife of Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes managed to not only get herself arrested before the Dolphins had a chance to get pummeled by the Buffalo Bills in the season home-opener at Sun Life stadium, she racked up a charge of resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer.

Battery charges on an officer are usually reserved for drug dealers and gangbangers intent on getting away at all costs.

But trying to break-free from an officer by use of a well-placed head-butt will most definitely get a person slammed to the ground and hauled off to the pokey, male or female.

It appears the incident that broke out at a restricted area near the southeast gate as tailgaters began to stream into the stadium could have been avoided. All Grimes allegedly had to do was comply with multiple officer commands to not walk into that restricted area. If the police are to be believed, Grimes may have considered herself above the law because of her radio title or marital connections to an NFL player.

Police say:

Officers shouted for Grimes to stop several times, but she kept going. After an officer grabbed her arm, she broke away and continued, yelling obscenities. When officers attempted to subdue her by putting her in a bear-hug, she resisted and somehow fell to the ground where she flailed and kicked. After officers handcuffed her and lifted her to her feet, she head-butted an officer.

Must-see graphic video obtained by the Sun Sentinel taken near the end of the arrest shows a foul-mouthed Grimes asking officers whether they were serious.

Yes. They were.

Semi-famous media personalities and spouses of rich professional players may not realize what the rest of us do:

1: Protecting the public at heavily-attended events, whether it be a football game or Pope's visit, is an extremely tough job. There are bad guys out there intent on doing harm, and police must maintain tight security to help prevent the worst.

2. Even if you believe officers are wrong, the best measure when confronted by cops is to shut up and listen. If you have been wronged, you can file a complaint later.


3. Hitting a cop or even taking a swing at one will be met with force. Sometimes deadly force.

More details about what went down will surely come out. But unless Grimes can somehow prove she was not guilty of going into a restricted area and not guilty of ignoring police warnings and not guilty of physically attacking an officer, she will have an uphill battle placing blame on police on this one.

As for the Dolphins loss: Well, that ugly incident is squarely the fault of the team and coaches. Can they be arrested for such terrible play?

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