Report: Enraged wife set kitchen fire to "go out in a blaze of glory"


This is not the recommended way to keep the home fires burning.

Michelle Diane Fowler Osteen Bedillion's 46-year-old hubby called dispatchers on Easter Sunday morning to report his wife had been hitting him in the back of head with a heavy picture frame. He also said his wife threw a computer printer at him, striking him in the back, according to a news release from the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

At that point the hubby told deputies he ran out of their Dunnellon home and watched his wife through a window pour cooking oil in the kitchen before lighting a fire. That's when, the hubby stated, he kicked in the door and put the fire out as his 46-year-old wife ran out the back door, according to the release.

After a K9 tracked the wife to a nearby wooded area she allegedly told deputies "He deserved whatever he got."

When asked about the oil and burned kitchen, she reportedly replied, "I was going out in a blaze of glory".

She got to spend April Fool's Day in the slammer instead.

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