Carter aide Hamilton Jordan, May 20

Carter aide Hamilton Jordan, May 20 Hamilton Jordan, a key political aide to Jimmy Carter who went to Washington with the president from Georgia and was the youngest person in U.S. history to hold the post of White House chief of staff, died at his home in Atlanta on Tuesday, May 20, 2008, after repeated bouts with cancer. He was 63. After Carter won the presidency in 1976, defeating President Ford, the 32-year-old Jordan was part of the "Georgia mafia" that relocated to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. His first assignment was to draw up a list of possible Cabinet appointments. "I'm a short-order cook," he told the New Yorker's Elizabeth Drew. "I'm trying to find a CIA director one minute and calling a Cabinet officer to get someone placed in an agency the next minute." But his profile gradually increased and in 1979 he was named chief of staff, a post he held for the duration of Carter's term. He played important roles in helping Carter pave the way for the Panama Canal treaties and chaired task forces on civil service reform and the Saudi-Egyptian arms package. He also participated in the Camp David peace talks between Israel and Egypt.
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