Bernie Sanders fans led by opera singer serenade Clinton supporters

Bernie Sanders fans came out singing, literally, Wednesday morning, at the Balboa Park Club where Bill Clinton spoke to hundreds of fans.

A group of a dozen or so enthusiastic supporters of the senator from Vermont gathered outside the venue where the former president was scheduled to appear and serenaded the long line of Hillary Clinton supporters with a rousing rendition of "We're on a journey with Bernie."


Led by Jim Boydston, who is a tenor with the San Diego Opera, the group belted out the unofficial campaign song with great vigor.

It was written by a 92-year-old Sanders supporter in Vermont, Boydston said.


Here are the video and the lyrics, if you're inclined to sing along.

"We're on a journey with Bernie, and we're here to let you know

That we're in it to win it and to the White House we will go.

We will always remember how he helped the ones in need

He looks out for the little guy against the corporate greed."

Boydston said he is supporting Hillary Clinton's Democratic rival because he is the "only honest politician who's running for office in modern history."