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Jack vs. Martha: A Jack in the Box fast food showdown begins

Jack and Martha go at it in a new Super Bowl commercial that Jack in the Box is using to promote its soon to debut trio of food truck-inspired sandwiches.

Pork belly and banh mi-inspired fried chicken sandwiches hardly seem the stuff of fast food fare, but that’s the whole point of a new Jack in the Box Super Bowl ad in which Jack goes head to head with culinary icon Martha Stewart.

“What, are you afraid somebody in the fast food world’s going to show you up?” demands Jack after barging into her “Martha Stewart Live” studio where she’s taping a segment on her banh mi-style fried chicken sandwich.


The 60-second spot — making its broadcast debut during the Super Bowl game — is a humorous, chuckle-inducing promotion of the San Diego-based company’s new Food Truck Series line of sandwiches that will roll out this Friday.

The trio of offerings include an Asian fried chicken sandwich, prime rib cheesesteak and pork belly BLT. The sandwiches will sell for $4.99 each, although prices can vary by market.


In the commercial, Stewart is showing off her version of a fried chicken sandwich on her fictional Martha Stewart Live program. “You’d never find this,” she says derisively, “at a fast food restaurant. It’s a good thing.”

And thus begins the impending foodie fight, preceded by security personnel escorting Jack out of the studio, Martha breaking — and then re-affixing — Jack’s cone-shaped nose, and Jack throwing down the gauntlet. “Get ready for a Twitter war, he warns.

For Twitter users, that would be #JackvsMartha. As in past Super Bowl commercials, Jack in the Box hopes to keep the conversation alive via social media posts.

The TV commercial, a regional ad, will air in 50 markets on Super Bowl Sunday.

This story was updated at 3:40 p.m. to reflect the price of the sandwiches.

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