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Using synthetic crab blood substitute in biomedical testing could help save horseshoe crabs and shorebirds

As horseshoe crabs in the Delaware Bay recover from overfishing, there's a move to find an alternative to using their blood in biomedical testing.

Pennsylvania earthquake could be felt in northern Maryland

Parts of northern Maryland felt a 3.4 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter near Mifflintown, Pennsylvania.

There are three chances to spot the International Space Station flying over the Baltimore region this week

More chances to spot the International Space Station over the Baltimore region arise this week.

More than four decades after helping launch the Maryland Science Center, educator Jim O'Leary retires

Jim O’Leary’s fingerprints are everywhere in the Maryland Science Center. He retired Friday, the last of the science center’s founding team of staff.

Seven things we’ve learned about Ultima Thule, the farthest place visited by humans

Here's what scientists have learned so far about Ultima Thule, the Kuiper Belt object that's the most distant world yet visited by humans.

Meet the T. rex cousin you could literally look down on

History’s most frightening dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus rex, came from a long line of pipsqueaks.

'It was fun, but there were a lot of bugs': Citizen scientists document wildlife at Maryland Zoo for Earth Day

Amateur wildlife photographers celebrating Earth Day at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore largely ignored the lions, crocodiles, chimpanzees and other exhibits — and instead turned their camera lenses up to the sky and down to the dirt to study and document Druid Hill Park’s natural residents.

Leana Wen, former Baltimore health commissioner, removed as Planned Parenthood CEO

Leana Wen, the former Baltimore health commissioner, has resigned as the president/CEO of Planned Parenthood, citing "philosophical differences" with the organization's board of directors.

Maryland’s government created a website to deter gambling. It ended up promoting casinos.

Legislative auditors have accused Maryland’s Behavioral Health Administration of lax oversight of hundreds of millions of grants, including badly mismanaging an anti-gambling website, and referred two matters to the attorney general for possible criminal investigation.

Audit: Maryland agency didn’t track million dollar grants

An audit of Maryland's Behavioral Health Administration revealed the health department agency failed to properly keep track of key data for initiatives it funded with millions of dollars in grants.

Shootings like the one Monday in Baltimore remain rare in health care settings, though assaults are not uncommon

While health care workers endure more injuries than other workers, data suggests that shootings remain uncommon.

‘Extremely convenient’: First medical cannabis dispensary in Carroll County opens in Westminster

The long-awaited first day for Westminster’s Herbology was marked with a ribbon-cutting Monday.

Baltimore drug treatment center where fatal shooting occurred is highly regarded and the oldest in Maryland

Man Alive, on Maryland Avenue in Charles North, opened 50 years ago and has grown into a center regarded for its range of services for mental health and substance use disorders, including art therapy.

L.A. Walks: Explore an old winery site on a La Crescenta ramble

Here's an opportunity to visit the South of France, and take a hearty hike, without leaving Los Angeles.

Lights, camera, action! Tumbling space snowman in film debut

Scientists from NASA 's New Horizons mission on Tuesday released the first stitched together animation of Ultima Thule, the most distant object ever explored by humans.

China just landed on the far side of the moon. Could it become the first nation to have its own moon base?

China's Chang'e-4 lunar lander is just part of an ambitious long-term space exploration plan that includes colonizing and commercially exploiting the solar system and beyond.

Around the world, miles of rock are missing. Could ‘Snowball Earth’ be the culprit?

Scientists say that several freak episodes of global glaciation scoured away miles of continental crust, obliterating a billion years of geologic history in the process. It could be the signature of "Snowball Earth."

Meet Ultima Thule: Dark as potting soil and shaped like a snowman, first images reveal

It’s rust-colored and lumpy. It’s about as dark as potting soil. And shaped like a snowman. Two days after NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft hurtled past a small, frozen world 4.5 billion miles from Earth, Ultima Thule is finally coming into focus.

Johns Hopkins-led New Horizons mission successfully captures data from distant Ultima Thule; first images coming Wednesday

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft successfully captured images and data as it flew past an object nicknamed Ultima Thule early Tuesday morning, scientists confirmed. But they won't get their first close-up glimpse of the edge of the solar system until Wednesday afternoon.

Winter is shrinking, study finds, posing new fire and water risks

Across the mountains of the West, the landscape of winter is changing. Deep snowpacks that held fast through winter, then melted in a torrent each spring are instead seeping away earlier in the year. Autumn is lasting longer while spring weather starts earlier.

Nine science stories to watch in 2019

From the edge of Earth to the frontier of the solar system, there will be plenty of science awaiting us in 2019. Here's a preview of what's in store.

Document: Complaint against Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Complaint against Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center from Erica Byrom and Zubida Byrom.

City, Baltimore hospitals partner on plan to house, care for 200 homeless people

The city of Baltimore and 10 hospitals are partnering to provide housing and services for 200 homeless people and families.

Coffee might be your go-to brew for weight loss

A new study finds coffee stimulates the human body's "brown fat," a heat-generating form of fat that literally burns calories in a process called thermogenesis.

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy to offer medical cannabis education

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy will offer the nation's first graduate degree in cannabis, reversing a previous decision to drop such training.

Most Americans don't think it's a problem to drive high. Here's why it is.

Effects from marijuana can be experienced anywhere between one and four hours. Those under the influence of the drug are twice as likely to be in a crash.

Maryland task force begins work on potential legalization of marijuana

A Maryland General Assembly task force began its work on studying possible legalization of cannabis for adult use.

How much work brings happiness? Not much, study shows

Having a job can be a boon to mental well-being, but for many of us, it only takes one day of work per week, a new study suggests.