'Nikita:' Shane West teases what's coming in 'Wrath' and beyond


"Nikita"returns after a long hiatus Friday, and although the episode titled "Wrath" has plenty of action, it also allows stars Maggie Q and Shane West to show just how much their characters care for each. 

"The next episode is pretty emotional for both Michael and Nikita," Shane West said during the April 14 "Nikita" panel at the Chicago Comic and Entetainment Expo, answering a fan's question about what scene has been the most trying emotionally for him.

In "Wrath," Nikita tries to come to terms with her past and the person she became at Divison thanks to Amanda and Percy. Amanda and Ari are on the run after Team Nikita prevented them from taking over Zetrov. Nikita believes her mission is over and after Madeline closes down Division, she and Michael can walk away with their presidential pardons.

She doesn't realize that Percy is back in charge at Division, and he's once again gunning for her.
"Percy wants to take Michael or someone else that Nikita cares about, because that is his only way to hurt her," creator/executive producer Craig Silverstein said during the panel, which I moderated.

Below you can find more comments the guys made about "Wrath" and what's coming the rest of the season. (These were live-tweets on my account made by Carla Day.) Above you'll find three videos from the press room, where Carla (@carladay), Melissa (@thetelevixen) and I asked the guys more questions. The first video contains the best highlights; the other two are the full interviews with each gentleman.

"Wrath" airs at 7 p.m. April 20 on CW.

Highlights from the panel

  • Craig: Percy has some moves coming up. He has a big end of season plan coming. Seems to be going in 1 direction but goes another. See if you can figure out what Percy's real plan will be. Never is what is seems.
  • Shane: Michael has a cool fight in ep 21. Hand-to-hand battle.
  • Craig: Alex's love life takes a turn in episode 21. She is getting to a better place.
  • Craig: Amanda won't be back until finale. She is out and about with Ari.
  • Craig: Cassandra and Max will NOT be coming back.
  • Shane: The goodbye to Max and Cassandra was also emotionally taxing. (and very cold to film)
  • Craig: Nikita in S1 was a loner. In S2 she leads "Team Nikita." Upcoming, Ryan and Michael turn on her.
  • Craig: Will be pitching S3 to execs in coming weeks. Then find out if renewed. Would have new set up/shift like frm S1 to S2.

Other panel Q&As

  • Q: What happened to Jada? A: Craig-She died in S1 finale. Q: But this is TV. A: #Nikita isn't the #VampireDiaries.
  • Q: Do you get sore from fight scenes? A: Shane - Sometimes for days. We are padded up well. Though, not women because sexy clothes.
  • Q: Will Nathan be back? A: Most likely not. He was supposed to be her Daniel, but he was too awesome. But he is still alive.
  • Q: Will there ever be a Baby Nikita? A: Craig - Would be difficult for an action show. Shane - Maybe a puppy?
  • Q: Can you teach Birkhoff how to shoot? A: Craig - Two more episodes.
  • Q: Will Roan ever die? A: Craig - Do you want him to die? He was originally supposed to die in S1, but then it became a thing.
  • Q: Will Owen be back? A: Craig - Not in S2 due to economic reason. Never said Devon Sawa won't be back. Could be back if renewed.
  • Q: Any mishaps on set? A; Shane - Yes, I did kick a guy once in the face.
  • Craig: Biggest on set injury- once a hand injury to Maggie, but that wasn't a fight scene. Made changes due to finger injury
  • Shane: Filmed a body slam in Ep 17, looks like he broke the guys back. But, it unfortunately got cut from episode.
  • Shane: Maggie's always smiling and always happy. Not like Nikita. "It's a wonderful quality."
  • Craig: Season is about Nikita trying to take down what she is responsible for while has kinship with ppl b/c she is one of them.
  • Craig: More interested in story arcs than standalone stories.
  • Craig: Romance between Michael and Nikita happened quicker than expected. They will have some challenges.
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