Biggest Emmy snub: Tatiana Maslany from 'Orphan Black'


Maybe the folks who vote for Emmy nominations couldn’t decide which clone character in BBC America’s "Orphan Black" should have earned Tatiana Maslany an Emmy nomination.

More likely, they simply snubbed a genre series once again. Maslany brilliantly embodied seven clones in the sci-fi conspiracy series, giving each character her own ticks, accent, attitudes and personality. She was rarely off screen, often playing opposite herself in a seamless trick of filmmaking.

She won the Critics’ Choice award for best dramatic actress. But voters from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences ignored her. It’s the biggest snub from this year’s Emmy Awards list, which were announced Thursday morning.

Maslany’s main character in "Orphan Black" is Sarah Manning, a con artist trying to get herself together so she can care for her young daughter. In the first episode, she witnesses a woman who looks exactly like her commit suicide, then takes over her life. Throughout the stellar first season, she meets five more doppelgangers, which gave Canadian actress Maslany the chance to shine in seven daring roles, not to mention the several times she played one character pretending to be another. Awesome stuff.

Here are four other big snubs (and one long-shot snub) from today’s nominations:

Best show on TV. Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins were outstanding, as usual, in the latest season. Let’s just take a second to discuss FX’s Emmy situation. "American Horror Story: Asylum" is the most nominated show with 17 nods, yet "The Americans" and "Sons of Anarchy" and many worthy actors on those shows were ignored. Disappointing.

"The Walking Dead"
TV’s most-watched drama was mostly overlooked, even after a great season. And hello, Norman Reedus gives Daryl Dixon so many layers he should be a lock for best supporting actor.

Michelle Fairley
We didn’t see a ton of Lady Catelyn Stark, but Fairley made us remember her for weeks after we did. And the Red Wedding episode? Please. She should be on the "GoT" list of nominees.

Jake Johnson
The Chicago native gave one of the year’s best comedic performances as Nick Miller in "New Girl." He, his co-stars and the show were snubbed.

Philip Winchester
I figured it was a longshot, and sure enought Emmy voters overlooked Winchester's detailed, deep work as Sgt. Michael Stonebridge in Cinemax’s marvelous military action series "Strike Back." The actor made viewers feel the pain, confusion and grief tearing apart his character after the murder of Stonebridge's wife.

Just a few more, while I'm bitching: "Rectify" on Sundance and its star, Aden Young; Michael Cudlitz and Regina King from "Southland;" miniseries "Restless" from Sundance and "The Hour" from BBC America; Katey Sagal and others from "Sons of Anarchy;" Emmy Rossum from "Shameless;" Jessica Walter from "Arrested Development."

OK, done ... for now. What do you think?

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