CBS sets Fall 2012 TV premiere schedule


Doesn't seem to matter how long-in-the-tooth some CBS series get, they just ain't never going away. Cases in point, "Survivor," "48 Hours Mystery" and "60 Minutes," which launch their 25th, 26th and 45th seasons this fall.

The network finally put "CSI: Miami" out of our misery, but "CSI" is back for its 13th season. New shows joining "America's most watched" network include the comedy "Partners" and dramas "Vegas," "Made in Jersey" and "Elementary."

Click the links in the "related" field at left to learn more about the new shows. Watch sneak peeks in this photo gallery. The premiere schedule is below.
CBS's 2012-2013 Premiere Dates
New shows in CAPS ITAL. All times Central
Wednesday, Sept. 19
7 p.m.: "Survivor: Philippines" (25th edition premiere)
Monday, Sept. 24
7 p.m.: "How I Met Your Mother (8th season premiere)
7:30 p.m. "PARTNERS" (Series Debut)
8 p.m.: "2 Broke Girls" (2nd season premiere)
8:30 p.m.: "Mike & Molly" (3rd season premiere) 
9 p.m.: "Hawaii Five-0" (3rd season premiere)
Tuesday, Sept. 25
7 p.m.: "NCIS" (10th season premiere)
8 p.m.: "NCIS: Los Angeles" (4th season premiere)
9 p.m.: "VEGAS" (Series Debut)
Wednesday, Sept. 26
8 p.m.: "Criminal Minds" (8th season premiere)
9 p.m.: "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (13th season premiere)
Thursday, Sept. 27
7 p.m.: "The Big Bang Theory" (6th season premiere)
7:30 p.m. "Two and a Half Men" (10th season premiere)
8 p.m.: "Person of Interest" (2nd season premiere)
9 p.m.: "ELEMENTARY" (Series Debut)
Friday, Sept. 28
7 p.m.: "CSI: NY" (9th season premiere)
8 p.m.: "MADE IN JERSEY" (Series Debut)
9 p.m.: "Blue Bloods" (3rd season premiere)
Saturday, Sept. 29
9 p.m.: "48 Hours Mystery" (26th season premiere)
Sunday, Sept. 30
6 p.m.: "60 Minutes" (45th season premiere)
7 p.m.: "The Amazing Race" (21st edition premiere)
8 p.m.: "The Good Wife" (4th season premiere)
9 p.m.: "The Mentalist" (5th season premiere)

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