Album review: Flying Lotus, 'Until the Quiet Comes'

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**** (out of 4)

If this is your first time experiencing the work of Flying Lotus (real name: Steven Ellison), you might be in over your head.

His new full-length “Until the Quiet Comes” subscribes to a different definition of mash-up. No, you aren’t going to hear Lil’ Boosie over a Fall Out Boy song (if anyone actually is working on that, please send it my way soon) but you will experience a fusion of live instruments, bowel-rattling bass and overt jazz influences. This album is markedly different from 2010’s “Cosmogramma,” which was like a soundtrack to an alien invasion.” “Quiet” is like what would happen if a Millennial made Miles Davis’ jazz classic “Kind of Blue.” I’m calling it right now: Standout track “Sultan’s Revenge” is going to be remixed halfway to oblivion by Christmas.

After each of three full listens, I was taken aback at how much I missed the previous time. Not like there are secret lyrics or something; think more like full instruments that you just didn’t catch because you were focused on a cool guitar part or transition. Guest spots from Erykah Badu (in rare form on “See Thru To U”) and Thom Yorke harmonizing with monkey noises on “Electric Candyman” were surprises that felt absolutely right upon return listens. It’s a jazz album (Trivia: FlyLo’s great uncle was John Coltrane) disguised as an electronica album that might be the best music to put on when you have a pile of work in front of you that will come out this year.

Get out of your comfort zone and give this a listen ASAP., @ernestwilkins

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