Reisterstown man, woman dispute police report after arrest

A Reisterstown man was charged with two counts of second-degree assault Saturday, Aug. 27 after allegedly attacking a woman and a man in Winfield.

Anthony Daniel George, 27, was released on his own personal recognizance after being charged with two counts of second-degree assault and one count of malicious destruction of property, according to electronic court records. Both George and the woman, Nicole Brooke Arnold, said in separate phone interviews that the accounts reported in the statement of probable cause are wrong, however.


According to the statement of probable cause, a Maryland State Police trooper arrested George after Arnold told him that George kicked her face and refused to let her leave with another man.

According to Arnold and George, they had been drinking, she was intoxicated and he was trying to take care of her.


The two started drinking on Saturday after apartment hunting, she said, and George invited his friend to come join them, he said. George, Arnold and the friend started bar hopping. George noticed that Arnold was becoming drunk and stopped drinking, he said.

According to George, when Arnold is drunk, she tries to fight with him, and Saturday was no different.

"She started screaming and fighting," George said.

Arnold started yelling at the bar that she wasn't his fiancee and made him propose to her again, George said. He did, but she still wasn't happy, asking for him to do it outside. He declined, and she continued to fight with him, George said.

The argument continued to the car and to their place of residence.

He couldn't get into the door, and she started yelling at him, George said. At that point, he picked her up "gently" and put her on a trampoline in the yard, Arnold said. He told her she couldn't leave because she was drunk, and he wanted her to sleep and sober up, she said.

The friend saw George pick her up and told George to leave her alone. George and the friend started fighting after George told the friend that the conversation was between Arnold and him.

The friend, who was not charged, declined to comment.

Arnold said she saw the men fighting and tried to separate them. In the process, George said, he pushed her to keep her away from them.

"She gets thrown. She gets friggin' hurt," he said.

Arnold said it was her fault that she got hurt because she jumped in the middle of the two men fighting. She scraped her knee when someone got their foot tangled in her skirt, she said.

"Nobody put their hands on me. Nobody hurt me," she said.


The two men were separated, and Arnold and the friend got into the car. George said his friend kept saying he wanted to take Arnold to another bar. George climbed on the car and pulled the keys out of the ignition through the sunroof to prevent her from going anywhere, he said, adding that he wanted her to sleep so that she would sober up.

He and the friend fought again, and Arnold called the police because of the fight, they both said.

Arnold is not able to talk to George currently because there is a no-contact order against him, she said, adding that she did not want to press charges.

"Nobody wants to press charges against Tony. We were all drunk," she said.

According to the statement of probable cause, when Arnold tried to separate the fighting men, George kicked her in the face and threw her to the ground and she fled to the man's car, but George jumped on the car and pulled her hair through the sunroof. He then kicked the car as the man tried to back up the car, according to the statement. The trooper spoke with the man who said that he told George to leave the woman alone, and George began to fight him, at one point, attempting to choke him. The man said he saw George kick the woman and added that George had jumped on his car, according to the statement.

The trooper noted that all three smelled like alcohol and noted a bruise on the woman's temple, bruising around the man's neck and a dent on the car that matched George's foot, according to the statement.

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