The following fiction and nonfiction titles will be available at Baltimore County Public Library as of Nov. 1.

"Savage Lane" by Jason Starr


Newly single Karen is ready to date again, but she had no idea the married man next door was beginning to obsess over her. This is a cinematic suspense novel sure to keep readers turning the pages.

"Media Circus" by Kim Goldman

Twenty years after the O.J. Simpson trial, Kim Goldman, brother of victim Ron Goldman, brings together others who become fodder for our news cycle when they are the face of tragedy. Their stories can be painful but also full of healing.

"Twain's End" by Lynn Cullen

Taking a sordid slice of Mark Twain's life when he very publicly distanced himself from his former private secretary, Cullen imagines how this might have all come about. A very literary take on historical fiction.

"The Art of the Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien

It's the 60th anniversary of this ever-popular trilogy. Two Tolkien scholars have compiled a wide variety of his art and inspiration in this gorgeous volume.

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