The following fiction and nonfiction titles are available at Baltimore County Public Library as of Oct. 12.

"Wallflowers" by Eliza Robertson


Canadian Robertson has mastered the art of the "slow reveal" in just a few pages. These short stories are literary and moving.

"Star-Spangled Banner" by Marc Ferris

Still craving the energy that the Star Spangled Celebration brought to our area? Learn even more about our national anthem in this fun, fact-filled read. For more information, see the library's Between the Covers blog: http://www.bcpl.info/between-the-covers/star-spangled-celebration.

"Tomorrow's Vengeance" by Marcia Talley

For another book with a local connection, check out the latest in this mystery series about an amateur sleuth in Maryland. Here, she investigates the murder of a retiree in a nursing home — a retiree with a possibly ugly past.

"Destiny" video game for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4

This new video game is getting all the buzz — it's from the company that previously made gaming classic Halo.

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