Thoughts on the Ice Bucket Challenge

OK, call me a wimp: I refused the Ice Bucket Challenge.

It would be great to line up with celebrity challengees from the worlds of politics, sports and entertainment. However, even for a worthy cause, dumping a bucket of ice water and ice cubes over my head is a no-no.


Virtually everybody is doing it. This kooky challenge has swept from coast to coast. Thousands of participants in chilly dousings have raised awareness of ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Also, according to an ALS spokesman, participants have boosted donations for the ALS Association to $10 million.

The list of celebrity challengees grows daily. Do you suppose that Laura Bush dumped the bucket over hubby "Dubya's" head in the noonday heat at their Texas ranch?

Rumor asserts that Bush challenged Bill Clinton. No news of his acceptance. Stay tuned.

Other publicized celebrities surviving the dousing include Justin Timberlake, Ethel Kennedy, singer Katy Perry, British Open golf champion Rory McIlroy and Giselle Bundchen, supermodel wife of football star Tom Brady.

The Orioles are also in the mix, with a close connection to Boston ALS victim Pete Frates, who has given great impetus to the challenge.

Oriole bullpen catcher Jett Ruiz and Frates both played Boston College baseball. When the challenge spread Ruiz's coach Buck Showalter, center fielder Adam Jones and third baseman Manny Machado participated.

How can we account for the widespread popularity of this medical drive which has been much less publicized than the appeals of those with the disease?

Craziness of the challenge is one answer. The do-it-yourself aspect may be another. A specific time frame also results in quick action.

Thanks to members of my family who, in various imaginative ways, performed the Ice Bucket Challenge.

To my grandson who issued me a challenge, this wimp grandmother promises a prompt ALS donation.