Getting ready for the postseason

Are you feeling "feverish?" Pennant feverish, that is.

It's a common malady that strikes in certain cities each September.


This year it hit in Baltimore -- big time. With the Orioles long on the cusp of winning baseball's American League East Division, the fever got hot early among faithful fans.

Such excitement is easy to understand. The Orioles haven't earned a division title in 17 years.

All this euphoria, however, received a big jolt with Chris Davis' 25-game suspension. Davis was suspended when he tested positive to use of an amphetamine.

The accomplished Orioles' infielder set a record with his amazing home run total last year. This year that total is far less.

The suspension was bad news for the Orioles and their fans. Yet, as coach Buck Showalter indicated, the team "has had a lot of challenges" and you have to "fight your way" through them.

Thus, if Orioles' fans are following Showalter's lead, they are supporting the team, despite poor judgment of one player.

The team now nears the end of its regular season. Players and fans look ahead to the next step.

Merchants, likewise, look forward to the next step.

Their supply of all manner of orange gear is awaiting. Take your choice from caps, hats, pompoms, masks, shirts, socks, hair ties and any other apparel piece that can be converted to orange.

Interestingly, during the team's 60th anniversary celebration, old films of 1950s Memorial Stadium crowds showed not one fan wearing orange. No orange gear was available.

This year, however, if the Birds keep flying high, O's fans will appear to be a sea of orange.

Meanwhile, keep thermometers handy.

Eleanor Taylor is a Glyndon native and can be reached by mail at P.O. Box 43, Glyndon, MD 21071.