Enjoying the ambience and dining options at Steve's Deli

In August 2006, Steve Saval opened Steve's Deli in the Crondall Corner Shops Shopping Center, at the corner of Owings Mills Boulevard and Crondall Lane. From the outside, it looks like your typical storefront deli, but once inside, you find bright-colored walls decorated with amazing photographs of Baltimore through the years.

It's fun to look at some of Baltimore's most well-known sites from years ago — like Corned Beef Row or the old Memorial Stadium — and see how much the area has changed. Photographs of Baltimore's Inner Harbor and other amazing places around town grace the walls of Steve's Deli.


As you walk into the deli, you are greeted by the bakery case, which is full of my favorite part of the meal: desserts. Some of these treats include chocolate-top cookies, black bottoms, Jewish apple cake and rainbow cake.

My eyes are always bigger than my stomach when it comes to the dessert course, but I just can't resist sometimes.

Steve's Deli is open daily for breakfast.

One of the breakfast offerings is the three-egg omelet, which is made from farm-fresh eggs. The omelet comes in several varieties, ranging from plain to the exotic nova and onion omelet. You can get Steve's homemade pancakes in a stack of two or three in amazing flavors, including chocolate chip, strawberry, blueberry and pecan. The deli's fresh-made French toast is thick, fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth wonderful.

Breakfast sides include your traditional English muffin, bagel — with or without cream cheese — bacon, grilled ham, sausage and home fries.

For lunch and dinner, Steve's Deli offers amazing — and in my humble opinion — huge sandwiches. Menu items include such hunger-satisfying delights as your traditional corned beef, lean corned beef, beef brisket, turkey and turkey pastrami. Steve's also offers combination sandwiches like corned beef and chopped liver, corned beef and tongue, and even corned beef and salami.

Steve's Deli offers hot sandwiches, too, including crab cake, fish, steak, BLT, and a salmon cake sandwich.

In the mood for a cheese sandwich? Steve's Deli has a range of cheese varieties to choose from, including natural munster, sweet munster, imported Swiss and American.

Your grilled cheese options include the standard plain sandwich, a grilled cheese with tuna, a grilled cheese with bacon, and a grilled cheese with ham. The deli's salads include chicken salad, whitefish salad, shrimp salad, egg salad and chopped herring salad. Prefer a wrap? Steve's offers those, too.

I've been told that the best thing to kill any bug you might have is matzo ball soup. I have heard it called Jewish penicillin. Though I am not sure about its medicinal powers, I can tell you that Steve's Deli's matzo ball soup is delicious, and is full of robust flavor and wonderful, fluffy matzo balls.

To complete your meal, the deli offers fountain drinks, chocolate sodas, regular and decaffeinated teas, bottled iced teas, lemonades, milk, juice and an assortment of Dr. Brown's sodas.

Steve's Deli also caters.

What's my favorite lunch at the deli? It's the bologna-wrapped hot dog, served with a chocolate soda and a chocolate-topped cookie. With this meal, I'm in heaven.

Steve's Deli is at 11299 Owings Mills Blvd., Suite 105, in Owings Mills. It is open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.


Terry Chaney is a Reisterstown resident and can be reached via email at