The FBI released a summary report of its findings after investigating Hillary Clinton's private email server.

Trump calls 'Morning Joe' hosts 'crazy,' 'dumb' and a 'mess' on Twitter

Donald Trump blasted one of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosts as mentally unstable and the other as a “mess” Friday in his latest tweet attacks prompted by the show’s criticism of his campaign.

Trump and the morning show hosts started feuding after his last appearance on the show in May.

On Friday, the “Morning Joe” panel of guests lambasted Trump’s campaign for operating a single field office in Florida. Host Joe Scarborough pointed to the 2012 election as an example of the stark difference between Trump’s campaign and past efforts in Florida — former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney had 48 field offices, President Obama had 102.

“The state parties are looking for the presidential campaign to come in and put the infrastructure in place,” panelist and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele said.

Trump fired back that his campaign has recruited an army of volunteers that want to #MAGA — “Make America Great Again.”

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