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Donald Trump tells supporters at a rally in Ohio that he fears the general election could be rigged while continuing to dodge criticism for insulting the parents of a fallen soldier.

How Trump supporters are pushing back against the Khan controversy

While many Republicans have rebuked Donald Trump for attacking Khizr Khan and his wife — who lost their U.S. Army captain son, Humayun, in the war in Iraq — some of Trump's allies are rallying to his side and, in the process, attacking Khan.

Trump's longtime ally, political consultant Roger Stone, who has a long history as a controversialist, set the pattern on Twitter Sunday night by linking to an article that accused Khan, an immigration lawyer from Virginia, of being an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood, an inflammatory and unproved charge.

Here is what else you can expect to hear from some of Trump's backers as the controversy builds:

—Hillary Clinton, they say, is not being called out adequately for contradicting Pat Smith, another Gold Star mother, whose son Sean was one of the Americans killed in the attack in 2012 on a diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. Smith blames Clinton for misrepresenting the cause of the attack that took her son's death, and ultimately for the death itself.

—Khan, they note, once worked for a law firm that represented Saudi Arabia, which has donated to the Clinton Foundation. 

—They argue that because Clinton voted for the war in Iraq, she should be called to account for the death of Humayun Khan, who died 12 years ago in a suicide bomb attack. Trump supported the Iraq war at the time, although he now claims to have opposed it.

—The Khans, some Trump supporters say, opened themselves to criticism by taking the stage at a political event, thus politicizing their son's death.

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