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Donald Trump hits the road from Iowa to Pennsylvania and Hillary Clinton heads to New Hampshire.

Khizr Khan with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire: 'Donald Trump, this isn't your America'

 (Los Angeles Times)
(Los Angeles Times)

Khizr Khan's voice was slow and deliberate, just like it was months ago when he captivated the Democratic convention with the story of his son, a Muslim American soldier who died serving in Iraq.

And just like before, when he asked whether Donald Trump had read the U.S. Constitution, he had more questions for the Republican nominee on Sunday night when he appeared with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

"Donald Trump, would my son, Capt. Humayun Khan, have a place in your America? Would Muslims have a place in your America? Would Latinos have a place in your America? Would African Americans have a place in your America? Would anyone who isn’t like you have a place in your America?"

The crowd was silent, then roared when Khan delivered his denouement. "Thankfully, Donald Trump, this isn’t your America," he said.

Khan's presence two days before the election is a reminder of one of the campaign's lowest moments for Trump, who responded to the convention speech by criticizing Khan and his wife. 

More recently, Khan has campaigned for Clinton in his home state in Virginia. He introduced her in Manchester, N.H., as someone who would "preserve fundamental American values."

When Clinton took the podium, she thanked Khan for his support and made a nod toward the difficult task of mending fences after a divisive presidential campaign. 

"We will have some work to do to bring about healing and reconciliation after this election," she said. 

Clinton is more popular than Trump in polls, but her favorability rating remains underwater. In the final days before the election, she's repeatedly emphasized the high stakes of the campaign.

"Although my name and my opponent's name might be on the ballot on Tuesday, what's really on the ballot is what kind of country we want for our children and our grandchildren,” she said.

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