Voter guide: Doug Sayers, Congress, District 5

Doug Sayers

Republican candidate for Congress, D5

Age 46

Residence La Plata, Maryland

Occupation DOD Senior Consultant

Education Masters of Business Administration (MBA)


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Previous political experience


Why are you running for office?

We need a Representative that works with the Executive Branch and brings federal funds back to the 5th District for infrastructure projects for the public. As a resident that drives Hwy 210, Hwy 5, Hwy 4, and Hwy 301, I will get federal transportation funds. These funds will be transferred to the state for the Branch Ave to White Plains railway study, so the state can completely execute this study and then work to procure Federal construction funds. We need $480 million in Federal Funds for the US 301 Harry Nice Bridge. Additionally, in my first term, I will coordinate for the Veteran Affairs (VA) to build a new Veteran Affairs Center in Charles County to serve Prince Georges, Charles, Calvert and St. Mary’s counties for our disable Veterans. I will protect our DOD bases, and ensure resources are in place to support their mission. By protecting the DOD bases in the district, we maintain jobs and our district’s national significance.


How do you assess the Trump administration so far? Name at least one positive and one negative.

Positive: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts allowed for lowest unemployment of Asian, African American, Hispanic due to lowering the Corp tax rate from 35% to 21%

Negative: The removal of 80% of the troops from Afghanistan should have been in 2017 and used the money saved on public infrastructure projects.

Overall: My Assessment is data based on economy and trade deals. Economy is strong and the re-negotiating of trade deals for more favorable terms for American is good for USA jobs and our MD05 residents.


What effect do you believe the federal tax cuts of 2017 have had on the economy thus far or will have in the future and why? Do you support the cuts?

Yes, support the 2017 tax cut. This allowed USA companies to invest the tax savings (35% to 21%) in R&D, hire more USA workers, pay higher salaries, add benefits. The results have been seen in 2019 and 2020’s economic data indicators and a 50 year record low unemployment of 3.5% and more jobs available than citizens on unemployment. Additionally, added several tax opportunity zones in MD-05 which need investment and this helps local community and will add jobs for residents.


Is the level of economic inequality in the United States a problem, and why or why not? What, if anything, should the federal government do to address it?

Currently, having a good paying job is important. There are more jobs than unemployment in the USA economic. This is helping close economic inequality as there are record level of citizens coming off government subsistence. Federal government needs to do basic government and fund government on time for government contract and contractors versus operating using continuing resolutions/CRs. All Americans with good paying jobs is important and the US economy is producing jobs.


Should federal gun laws be changed, and if so, how and why?

We need to enforce all current laws. I would like to see improvements in gun safety courses and more training like the courses offered by Maryland Hunters safety course (MD DNR).


What should Congress do with respect to the Affordable Care Act, how and why? If you believe it should be scrapped, what, if anything, should replace it?

ACA was framed poorly under the Article 1 section 8 of the US Constitution under the Commerce Clause. This is why hear words like market, exchange, affordability and the Federal government entered into a free market by mandating and individual tax petalites. ACA should have been improved between 2010-2016 and was not. SCOTUS will decide the ACA law now and ACA is weak now. It was framed under the wrong clause and Democrats know this and have left ACA and moved to Medicare for All. This Medicare for All is a huge tax increase as Medicare is a program of the government and taxed program. At this point let SCOTUS decided ACA as that is SCOTUS job and in the mean time ensure Medicare and Medicaid remain funded.


What role should the federal government play in helping cities? What, if anything, would you do for Baltimore, specifically?

Typically, there are three sources are funding (local/state/federal). Typically local and state are first and match funding. An example is educational funding. State and Local are about 47% each and Federal is 5%. All funds need to be audited every 3 years and ensure the funds are being used properly and delivering the service for the public. Federal funds are typically for emergency situations and require a spend plan from the State. This example is federal funds for opiods in Maryland.


Do you back Elijah Cummings’ bill -- which Republicans say is too expensive -- to provide $100 billion over 10 years to fight the opioid epidemic? Why or why not?

We need more than $147K in MD-05 in 2019. Exactly, what is the amount is the question. My sources mention needing more mental health services. We need an executable spend plan and request that amount of funds versus forcing a lot of money to fix something. Money does not always solve the problem. We need leadership, an executable spend plan and the required funds. MD-05 needs about $500K per county at least so $2.5M now just for mental health services for opiod users (that is a spend plan)


What changes, if any, should Congress make to our immigration and deportation laws and policies? Should the DACA program be preserved? Why or why not?

We need to enforce all current laws. Congress needs to pass updated immigration laws. It is that simple. POTUS 44 did executive order and that was Congress’s job. SCOTUS will review POTUS 44 executive order knowing Congress passes laws in USA. Congress has failed on this issue. DACA should be build into new immigration law passed by Congress.


How would you rate the Trump administration’s trade stance with China and why?

Good; re-negotiating trade deals are huge. China changes their currency values yearly and that is unfair to any country. China is like the USA in the 1920; poor air pollutions, poor labor laws, poor virus control. President Trump called out China’s behavior versus staying silence and that will help US economy over the next 2-10 years. China is a HUGE hacker and steals individual data and company data.


Do you support the president’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal? Why or why not?

Yes, Iran is a known terrorist country. Iran wants the Persia empire back and to control the middle east. Iran has been a bully for since 1979 and killed several hundred Americans. The USA giving Iran $150 billion of tax payer dollars could have been used on American infrastructure projects. Iran has used the $150B to fund Yemen terrorist attacking Saudi Arabic and funded Assad in Syria.


How should the United States address the rise of North Korea’s nuclear program?

Yes; currently addressing and China keeps JKU/NK as a bad actor to make USA focus on NK. China could address NK although allows NK to continue to function as a proxy force.


How should the United States address climate change?

We should continue to encourage recycling, encourage tree planting, increase light rail to minimize automobile pollution, and increase oversight of plant dumping sediments in our rivers. (ie-Charles County dumping septic in Potomac River and Morgantown Coal Plant dumping coal sediment in Potomac River).


Do you support the Green New Deal? Why or why not?

Would to read more; I am green with cloth line and chickens and a garden. I would like to see more State level as the State can enforce better than more Federal government as EPA has few federal enforcers. No to green deal now.

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