Voter guide: Kimberly Klacik, Congress, District 7

Kimberly Klacik

Republican candidate for Congress, D7

Age 37

Residence Middle River

Occupation Executive Director of Potential Me

Education Some college, Bowie State University

Facebook Twitter

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Previous political experience

Political Commentator, Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, intern Minority Business Roundtable/Roger Campos

Why are you running for office?

To provide true leadership & accountability in District 7. Real problems need real solutions, not press briefings & money grabbers.


How do you assess the Trump administration so far? Name at least one positive and one negative.

He’s is doing a good job. The best part is exposing the career politicians for what they are, posers. I believe he could do better when it comes to engaging urban communities. Those in charge of the Urban Revitalization initiative need to put their foot on the gas.


What effect do you believe the federal tax cuts of 2017 have had on the economy thus far or will have in the future and why? Do you support the cuts?

Yes. The tax cuts are the reason unemployment numbers are so low. It allows businesses to hire more employees. Who could hate that?


Is the level of economic inequality in the United States a problem, and why or why not? What, if anything, should the federal government do to address it?

This is most evident in Baltimore City. You have Harbor East & West Baltimore. The federal government should hold city officials accountable for spending federal funds on initiatives meant to even the playing field. We have rich politicians stealing from the poor & making back door deals helping themselves.


Should federal gun laws be changed, and if so, how and why?

It should be easier to get a conceal carry license. 348 murders in 2019, how many by a gun purchased legally? Gun laws are not taken seriously by those that break other laws, like, I don’t know, murder.


What should Congress do with respect to the Affordable Care Act, how and why? If you believe it should be scrapped, what, if anything, should replace it?

Scrap it. More government equals more problems.


What role should the federal government play in helping cities? What, if anything, would you do for Baltimore, specifically?

Job opportunities, training, and innovative ideas. I have a plan to end illegal dumping. I support AG Barr stepping up to provide more resources to Baltimore for safety measures. No one should be robbed & set ablaze walking down the street. The city is in a crisis & the BPD deserves more support. I would also apply pressure to make changes in the education system. From school redistricting to high school graduates unable to read or do basic math, it’s in need of an overhaul. People complain about systemic issues yet completely ignore the fact education plays a huge role.


Do you back Elijah Cummings’ bill -- which Republicans say is too expensive -- to provide $100 billion over 10 years to fight the opioid epidemic? Why or why not?

No. More money does not mean the issue will be solved. We need expertise & accountability. I would also like to know why almost all of the city’s methadone clinics sit in West & East Baltimore? If they do not pose a problem to neighborhoods as local “experts” insist, why not spread them to nicer areas?


What changes, if any, should Congress make to our immigration and deportation laws and policies? Should the DACA program be preserved? Why or why not?

Illegal migration is a crime. I would be willing to discuss a solution to those currently here through DACA.


How would you rate the Trump administration’s trade stance with China and why?

Great. China has been feeding off of America long enough.


Do you support the president’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal? Why or why not?

Yes. It wasn’t a “deal”.


How should the United States address the rise of North Korea’s nuclear program?

We should look to the Secretary of Defense for solutions & not the media.


How should the United States address climate change?

We should consult experts & begin taking action that doesn’t add trillions to our debt.


Do you support the Green New Deal? Why or why not?

No. Adds trillions to our debt. I am also waiting to meet someone that can coherently explain what’s so great about it.

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