2022 Voter Guide: Kyle Sefcik, candidate for Maryland Governor

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Maryland Governor

Kyle Sefcik

Katie Lee



Montgomery County

Owner of ( MMA & Sport Facility, Girl Power Events LLC, K-Sef Entertainment, Blackrock Tactical, KNK Foundation Inc., etc)

Bachelors Degree from University of Maryland, College Park Associates Degree from Montgomery College

Aside from politicians coming to the community events that I put on so they can look like they care, I have no experience with "politics". The worst thing we can do is vote another career politician in to lead our state.

Why are you running for office?

As a father of 2 young children, owner of several small businesses, and community servant through my non-profit, I realized these past 2 years especially that when things get hard, there is no one that truly steps up to stand for our God-Given rights, our businesses, and health/education of kids and our community. It's time to have a non-politician lead and make our state the greatest in the country. I am one of the people. I have no motivation to prioritize special interests at the expense of the people I'd be elected to serve. I want the government to stay in their lane and out of our business. They have to much power, money and control, and I want to change that. God has put this run for Governor in my heart, so that is what I am doing. My focus is on Jesus and the constitution.

What is the most pressing issue in Maryland and what are your plans to address it?

There is too much government in our lives. I want to get our state back to being the "free state" . The government is taking to much money from us and using it where most of us don't see it. The government has to much control over things we can and cannot do with our bodies, homes, and businesses. I plan to fix this by educating everyone on our state's constitution, and removing the corrupt officials that have been abusing their power.

What should the state do to reduce violent crime in and around Baltimore?

First of all, both Democrats and Republicans have had decades to help restore Baltimore to be one of the greatest cities in the nation, which it can and should be. They obviously haven'y done it due to special interests, corruption and laziness. They need to feel and see real love and change in their communities. We are going to truly revive Baltimore starting with declaring a State Of Emergency and putting all attention and support form the nation and state to finally help Baltimore become an amazing place to live and work. Violent crime will reduce as the Baltimore community embraces the positive changes happening in their schools, blocks, jobs, infrastructure, and opportunities. We will support the citizens, agencies, churches and organizations helping remove the violent criminals from the streets of the community. I truly believe in a complete revival of Baltimore.

What are your top three priorities for transportation in Maryland, and how would you fund them?

As I spend time with the people of Baltimore I hear that infrastructure is one of the largest problems, as it is in many other cities and towns in the state. There are also places in Maryland that choose to stay rural and have less. We need to have a good balance of rural and urban areas, both having easy and smart transportation methods for their community. One of my best friends and mentors is the CEO of the globally ran Smart Cities Group and we will be implementing their plan to become more energy sufficient and cleaner in our state. This is a non-political group making real changes in transportation in communities.

What should Maryland schools do differently during the next pandemic?

First of all parents should be able to choose what school and type of school their children attend. I will create policy for School Choice. The public school system alone is worse than ever. Drastic changes need to be made. In regards to pandemic, never again should schools close nor should kids be mandated to wear masks. If there is ever another pandemic parents can choose whether their kids attend school or not, and whether they have to wear masks or not. Parents need to be raising their children, not the school system.

What are your plans for the state’s property taxes?

Ive made a promise to NEVER raise taxes. I will keep that promise. We are screwed over when it comes to taxes because most of it goes to special interests or projects that we the tax payers don't want or need. I will expose where all of our tax dollars have truly been going, and we will make sure the current tax money goes to the people and their communities.

How equitably do police officers treat people of color?

I have worked with members of law enforcement for over 10 years now and have never seen true racism with the ones I've seen and knows. BUT, there is no doubt that there are a few corrupt and evil officers out there that treat people of color wrongly and they need to be removed. Any police officer who treats people of color differently needs to be outed. We need officers who the public can trust with their lives.

What would you do to make sure Maryland’s voting system is secure and accurate?

Right now I don't have a lot of trust the election process. I can tell you straight up as someone who is an unaffiliated gubernatorial candidate that I have been treated much different then the "politicians" that belong to parties and play the "game". I have done the same exact registration process to receive my Certificate of Candidacy (which I received before the other candidates), yet the voting system is trying to keep me and only me off the ballot. Why am I the only candidate they wont allow on the ballet? I have experienced blatant miscommunication and discrimination from the Board of Elections through emails and calls for several important topics involving my candidacy, and these are the same people who are supposed to oversee the election? I would make sure we have honest, non partisan citizens counting ballets, checking IDs to vote, and monitoring the voting booths.

What are the right goals and deadlines for Maryland to reduce carbon emissions and develop renewable energy sources?

The goal would be to reduce carbon emissions every year. We need to keep learning about, improving, and advocating for true affective renewable energy sources to be used in our state. I feel there are even better solutions coming, especially from my connections with Smart Cities Group.

What are Gov. Larry Hogan’s best and worst policies?

Best: Funding the Police Worst: His policies during the pandemic

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