2022 Voter Guide: Ralph W. Jaffe, candidate for Maryland Governor

Maryland Governor

Ralph W. Jaffe

Mark Greben



Baltimore County


Earned a Bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Maryland Earned teacher certification at Towson University Did graduate coursework at Loyola College

In 1992, I started a MOVEMENT to begin the process of getting rid of the widespread corruption in Maryland politics and bring about real, true, ethical reform in the political system. I developed a set of principles which I believe are essential for accomplishing the objective. And then I have put these principles into practice. Hence, as a TEACHER, not a politician, I have run for political office in the last seven elections either for governor or senator, as part of my teaching strategy to demonstrate by action, not just words, what needs to be done to get corruption out and bring in ethics. Check my website for additional details.

Why are you running for office?

The MOVEMENT has met with much success, but we still need more. Bringing about real, ethical reform in Maryland's political system is a Herculean task, but we need to be determined and persistent with our mission. Putting an end to career politicians, and getting money out of politics are some of the means for accomplishing this goal. Once again, I practice what I preach. As a TEACHER, not a politician I use the campaigns to show students what needs to be done to rid the system of corruption and bring in real ethical reform. I do not take any campaign contributions because they are disguised bribes. I tell the truth all of the time. I stay away from professional lobbyists. While more and people are becoming aware of the corruption in Maryland government, awareness should be converted into action. Hence, the MOVEMENT marches on and my campaign continues.

What is the most pressing issue in Maryland and what are your plans to address it?

The violent violence and the deficient public school education - A twofold plan will be implemented if elected governor of Maryland. Step 1 - Minutes, if not seconds, after taking office, I will call out the National Guard for an extended period of time, to get a handle on the unrelenting surge of violence plaguing the streets of Baltimore. Step 2 - I will implement the TUTOR-MENTOR TEAM PROGRAM, designed to keep our youth in school helping them to become productive citizens instead of dropping out like flies and winding up on a course of criminal activity. Check my Facebook videos for more details on this unique program.

What should the state do to reduce violent crime in and around Baltimore?

See my response for question 10

What are your top three priorities for transportation in Maryland, and how would you fund them?

I would establish a commission for determining what should be done - a group composed mainly of members of the clergy -which would make people feel safer as they travel the local roads, bridges, and state highways in need of repair. Their findings would be followed up by figuring out how state and federal funds can be used to act on their proposals. When their report is completed, I will determine their 3 most practical recommendations which will be implemented to the best of my ability.

What should Maryland schools do differently during the next pandemic?

Schools need to follow more carefully the advice of the CDC. They also need to do a better job in getting 100% cooperation for the vaccination of our citizens.

What are your plans for the state’s property taxes?

There will be no increase in taxes.

How equitably do police officers treat people of color?

I believe 97% of the police officers are good, decent officers who treat people of all ages, color, and faith in a fair and equitable manner. It is the 3% of officers who mess up, get more attention than they deserve which distorts and taints the portrait of the vast majority of officers. These 3% should be fired.

What would you do to make sure Maryland’s voting system is secure and accurate?

I would call for a panel - mainly members of the clergy- to participate in establishing guidelines and monitoring the results of the elections.

What are the right goals and deadlines for Maryland to reduce carbon emissions and develop renewable energy sources?

I would appoint a special panel to study the issue and make suggestions. Serving on the panel would be members of the clergy as well as a segment from our youth population - for the youth will be the ones having to really deal with the carbon emissions problem and climate change effects. Very often the youth come up with ideas that are more workable and sensible than those coming from adults. Following the list of suggestions they arrive at, I will select the ones that make the most sense for immediate implementation.

What are Gov. Larry Hogan’s best and worst policies?

Best policy -He was able to lick cancer. He appears to be a good and decent human being Worst policy - He waited too long to call out the National Guard during the Freddie Gray time. He refuses to call out the National Guard now in order to halt the unrelenting wave of violence striking the streets of Baltimore City

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