2022 Voter Guide: Haven Shoemaker, candidate for Carroll County State’s Attorney

Carroll County State's Attorney

Haven Shoemaker



Hampstead, Carroll County

Attorney/Maryland State Delegate

BA, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 1987 JD (magna cum laude), Widener University School of Law (Delaware), 1992

Hampstead Town Councilman (1997-200) Mayor of Hampstead (2003-2010) Carroll County Commissioner (2010-2014) Maryland State Delegate (2015-present)

Why are you running for office?

The State's Attorney plays a critical role in keeping Carroll the safest county in Maryland. He or she has to work in tandem with the brave men and women of law enforcement to keep criminals off the street. Law enforcement knows that I will support those efforts which is why I have received the endorsements of Sheriff Jim DeWees, the Carroll County Fraternal Order of Police, and Carroll County State's Attorney Allan Culver.

What is the most pressing issue facing the State's Attorney's office and how would you address it?

I would say that the most pressing issue now is one of staffing. In both the private and public sectors, there is a labor crunch. The State's Attorney's office has to be competitive in terms of salaries to compete with the Attorney General's Office and other entities with which it competes in order to attract and retain its talent pool. Additional staffing pressures will stem from implementation of last year's Police Reform legislation, which are unfunded mandates.

What tools or resources does the State's Attorney's office need to keep the county safer?

As I indicated in response to question 10, it is likely that additional resources will be needed for recruitment and retention.

Should enforcing certain laws be prioritized over others, and if so, which?

The State's Attorney takes an oath to enforce all of the laws on the books, not just the ones that he/she likes. The Baltimore City State's Attorney picks and chooses which laws she wants to prosecute, and the city has suffered as a consequence.

What is your opinion of the police reform legislation passed by the General Assembly in 2021?

I was proud to be a leading opponent of the police deform legislation that passed in 2021. That legislation provides for second-guessing police officers who have to make life and death decisions in a split second. Furthermore, that legislation has had a demoralizing effect on law enforcement prompting scores of retirements and career changes. It is soft-on-crime legislation passed at a time when crime is on the rise throughout Maryland and the country.

What should the relationship between Carroll County sheriff's and State's Attorney's offices look like?

The State's Attorney and the Sheriff have to work collaboratively to keep Carroll safe. As State's Attorney, that will happen on my watch. I know that Sheriff DeWees feels the same, which is why he has endorsed my candidacy. At my announcement, Sheriff DeWees said this: "Haven's courtroom experience is second to none. Having been an adversary of his in the courtroom, I would much rather have Haven Shoemaker sitting with me than across from me---and that's why I want him to be our elected State's Attorney".

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