2022 Voter Guide: Julie Hummer, candidate for Anne Arundel County Council District 4

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Anne Arundel County Council
District 4

Julie Hummer



Laurel, Anne Arundel County

I am currently a parent of five children and community volunteer, serving as chairman of the Laurel Race Course Impact Fund Committee, food pantry volunteer, and PTA parent. I am a former special education teacher, and I served on the Anne Arundel County Public Schools Board of Education for 5+ years.

BA, English, University of Virginia MS, Education - Special Education, Old Dominion University

I served on the Anne Arundel County Public Schools Board of Education from 2015-2020. During my tenure, I served as President and Vice President. I also served with the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) on the Board of Directors and as Legislative Chair.

Why are you running for office?

As a former special education teacher and Board of Education member, I witnessed the needs of our children and families every day, and I see that many of the issues impacting success and progress are exacerbated by lack of opportunities and resources in our communities outside of the school day. I want to work to provide those opportunities throughout our county, in every zip code. Every resident should have access to good paying jobs, mental health supports, affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, reliable transportation, walkable communities, expanded parks and green space, and well-resourced schools.

What do you see as the most pressing issue the county faces and how would you address it?

Lack of affordable housing is a growing problem that impacts families at every income level. Over 25,000 residents are on the wait list for affordable housing, and rising rents and home prices are causing many people to choose to live outside of the county. I will promote changes to our zoning codes that will increase the opportunities for middle income housing, advocate for incentives for work force and affordable housing development, explore creating an affordable housing trust fund, and work to enhance tenant education and supports.

Will you invest in projects to unclog the county's crowded roads?

Anne Arundel County has multiple projects on the state's top infrastructure priority list. I will work with state elected officials to ensure that the county has access to necessary funding to tackle these, including studying and ameliorating the traffic on Route 3. I will invest in trail expansion to promote walking and biking, expansion of parking at the MARC station, and investment in our bus/shuttle public transportation options.

What plans do you have to help the county and its businesses successfully emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic?

The county must continue to use the federal funds to assist businesses that have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, particularly our restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions. Through the county economic development group and the Visit Annapolis/Anne Arundel, we can promote businesses throughout the county to reach pre-pandemic levels of business.

What steps should the county government take to address opioid overdoses and deaths?

The county should continue its outreach programs on drug education and treatment, targeting communities that are known hotspots for overdoses. The Safe Stations program is an excellent was to offer help without fear of reprisal, but we need to promote and publicize the program more thoroughly. Increased funding for our community health programs is essential.

What role can the county government play to improve education in county schools?

The county government can play a large role in improving education by fully funding the school system and community college requests. Competitive salaries, modern buildings, and smaller class sizes are all contingent on the county funding, and all three of these areas have a significant impact on the quality of education the county can offer. Under the Blueprint for Education, the county will be required to increase funding for schools in multiple areas across the coming years. Promoting the benefits of that investment will be an important role for elected county officials.

What efforts does the county need to make to address systemic racism in government services?

I worked with the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) to create an equity lens for boards to use when making policy and other decisions for school systems. A similar tool should be used in county government to help ensure that every piece of legislation and every regulation make equity and addressing equity deficits caused by systemic racism a priority.

What steps must the county take to improve public safety?

The county must pay our public safety workers competitively so that we can attract and retain the most qualified personnel. We need to build a modernized 911 call center for all safety agencies to ensure the most error free service and dispatch. We must also continue to work with state elected officials to clarify and enhance the recent historic police reforms.

How is climate change impacting the county and what can be done locally to address the effects?

Anne Arundel County feels the impacts of climate change throughout its shoreline and waterways. Flooding in Annapolis worsens, algae blooms and fish kills occur due to rising water temperatures, shorelines shrink. We must continue to promote and incentivize green technologies from solar panels to electric vehicles and build on the county's Green Infrastructure plan to preserve more greenspace throughout the county.

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