Boost from mail-in ballots moves Pat Dorsey within 111 votes of James Miller for third place in Carroll County school board race

After the Carroll County Board of Elections completed its count Thursday night of mail-in ballots for the general election, incumbent Patricia Dorsey gained thousands more votes than her competitors.

Dorsey is still in fourth place, but is just 111 votes behind third-place James Miller in the race for three seats on the Carroll County Board of Education.


According to Carroll County Board of Elections Director Katherine Berry, the county has 4,718 ballots left to count on Wednesday. Of those, 1,133 are provisional ballots and 3,585 are mail-in ballots.

As of Friday morning, Miller has 27,827 votes (16.51%) to Dorsey’s 27,716 (16.44%).


Dorsey received almost three times more votes from mail-in ballots than Miller — 6,096 mail-in votes have been counted for Dorsey, 2,133 for Miller.

Despite having the most mail-in ballot votes of any candidate in the school board race so far, Dorsey had just the fourth-highest total in early voting and Election Day voting. She was the top vote-getter in the school board primary election with 18.37% of the vote.

Miller is on an official slate — the BMW slate — with two other candidates, Tara Battaglia and Steve Whisler. As of Thursday night, incumbent Battaglia held onto the top spot in the race with 32,461 votes (19.25%) and Whisler ramined in second with 30,806 votes (18.27%).

Any mail-in ballots postmarked on or before Nov. 8 that the board receives from the post office by 10 a.m., Nov. 18 will be counted that day, Berry said.

Final election results will be available Nov. 18; school board members will be sworn into office on Dec. 5.